Producer: Mural Routes

A mural covers two walls on a Bank of Montreal building, depicting multicoloured statues, Indigenous art, classical architecture and wraps around the building, ending in a fiber-optic cable.

Agincourt’s Journey Through Time

Utilizing suggestions from the community and historical information, the three artists collaborated to create this mural which begins in rural Agincourt, continues through the present and extends in to the future, depicted by a mass of fibre optic cables.

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A building with two painted walls in a public park.

Wall Mural Course & Project

The approach of this mural adopted a “super-hero” interpretation of Article 7. The design depicts the beneficial rule of law as heroic armoured figures; these archetypes personify the liberating, civilising and protective aspects of a just legal tradition.

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Four images - two images of urban life, two passport-style portraits - lay side by side on a concrete tree planter.

Jameson Avenue Impressions

Created by artist Jim Bravo and photographer Kate Young, “Impressions” consists of over 500 photographs installed on tree planters along Jameson Avenue from Queen Street West to Springhurst Avenue in Toronto’s Parkdale community.

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