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A mural of tree's silhouettes, lake outlines, trees and paths are painted in brown on a pink background. Orange butterflies fly in between.


Mural Routes Member(s): Tara Dorey

Artist(s): Tara Dorey, Redzuan Salleh

Producer: Mural Routes


Completed: 2011

Metamorphosis is based on the themes of change and transformation, bringing positivity to the entrance of the community centre. Lead artist Tara Dorey and Mural Routes’ artists led local youth in a series of stencil-making workshops to create the images of the stages of a butterfly’s life and transformation in addition to silhouetted natural scenes for the walkway’s inner walls. International mural enterprise group Social Creative’s visiting artist Redzuan Salleh, of Singapore, designed and painted the outer wall with the help of local youth.

Where to Find This Mural

Location: 74 Firvalley Court, Scarborough, ON, Canada | Get Directions

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