A mural, painted on a wall, depicting a fantasy world featuring elephants and riders, alongside spired, cloud-topped towns appear among the words "Once upon a time in a land of hate and crime..." written on a scroll.
Artist(s): Leo Lam, Juhyun (Jane) Oh, Faith Webster, Anthony Jamez (AJ) Monohan, Javid Alibhai

Natural Mystic

Completed: 2006

Artists’ Statement:

The theme of our mural – Natural Mystic – is “New Beginnings”. It portrays a family’s journey and their will to reach a safe and peaceful destination in which to live, a need that we feel is shared by all humans. The focal point of the mural is the baby, who is symbolic of the child in all of us, as well as in the community. The baby represents the hope for a brighter future – a new beginning. The father holding up the child is symbolic of the will of every parent for their child, to succeed in life. The kingdom in the sky represents an ideal, mystical dwelling for the family and their offspring to live in. The lion is the all-seeing guardian of this paradise. This lion symbolizes the beautiful struggle of surviving to achieve the goals we set out for ourselves. The naturalistic scene on the far-left side and the animals throughout were added for the many children in the community and to enhance the family-oriented feeling of the piece. This imaginative mural, merging Mother Nature and the magical kingdom of the sky was the inspiration for the title of the mural – Natural Mystic, which is a classic Bob Marley song that has touched the hearts of young and old worldwide.

The quote on the far left side of the mural is from this song: “One and all must face reality now” We put this quote to remind viewers that we often underestimate the truth within our imaginations

Where to Find This Mural

Location: 3228 Eglinton Ave E, Scarborough, ON M1J 2H7, Canada Get Directions