About Us

Mural Routes is the only member-based not-for-profit arts service organization in Canada dedicated to the creation, development and promotion of public wall art.  Our vision is to inspire the creation of extraordinary public wall art that serves as a catalyst for community building.

In 2016 we launched the Mural Art Learning Institute (MURALI), a continuum of training programs in all aspects of mural-making.

What We Do

We create, promote, educate, advise and link artists, organizations and others that are interested in the development of wall art. Mural Routes has become the primary advisor for communities engaged in producing public wall art in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond.

Mural Projects: Since 1990 Mural Routes has worked with communities and artists to create over 50 murals across Toronto.

Public Art Management: We provide expertise in the development and installation of public wall art projects.

Commissions: We send job opportunities and public art calls to member artists, connecting them with local and international commissions and competitions.

Learning/Mentorship: Since our founding we have trained over 250 mural artists and run 17 National Mural Sympsiums. In 2016 we brought our education programs together into our Mural Art Learning Institute (MURALI).

Consulting:  Mural Routes offers consultations, presentations, and guidance to help get public art projects off the ground.

Networking: Through our online presence, membership, and MURALI programs, Mural Routes provides a hub where artists and communities can connect and share.

Resources: Our website provides information and links for artists and administrators interested in mural creation. We have produced Mural Production: A Resource Handbook, a History of Mural Art CD, and a wealth of resource materials that are available to the public.

Our Goals

Our vision is to inspire the creation of extraordinary public wall art that serves as a catalyst for community.

Our key goals include:

  • To work in partnership with artists and communities to produce excellent public wall art;
  • To teach, learn and share valuable insights in mural art;
  • To educate, engage, and enhance communities through public wall art;
  • To elevate the quality and status of mural art;
  • To secure a place for murals within the larger context of the arts in Canada

Our History

Mural Routes was started in 1990 as a public art project of Scarborough Arts. The project aimed to celebrate the heritage of Scarborough, Ontario, and to place art in everyday community spaces, to put art in front of people as they went about their daily business. After creating the original “mural route,” a Heritage Trail along Kingston Rd., Mural Routes was incorporated as a separate organization in 1994.

Since then, Mural Routes has grown into an organization that has embraced public mural art as a way to change the feeling and the face of neighbourhoods in the busy urban sprawl of Toronto. From creating murals, we expanded our efforts into mentoring youth, supporting artists, and encouraging communities to create public art, always following our motto, “teach, learn, share, and grow.”

Since then, Mural Routes has assisted many communities and artists in creating outdoor murals that enhance their neighbourhoods. Mural Routes has become the “go to” place for information and advice on mural creation and continues to provide support and consultation to a large network of artists, managers, and organizations.
Since 2001, youth initiatives and education in mural art have been a high priority for Mural Routes. In 2016 we launched the Mural Art Learning Institute (MURALI), a continuum of training programs in all aspects of mural-making.


The Mural Arts Learning Institute offers a continuum of training programs in mural making with a series of entry levels for artists and project managers to achieve their own potential in mural art and related fields.


Mural Routes is committed to fair and inclusive practices. View our privacy and anti-discrimination policies below.

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Want to get involved with Mural Routes? The best way to support us, keep up to date, and learn about opportunities in mural art is to become a member. We always send program updates, job opportunities, and calls for artists to our members.

You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, or check our latest News to keep up to date with our projects, programs, and opportunities.
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