A mural depicting figures exploring a museum, painted on a brick wall.
Artist(s): Artist/Mentor - Andra Striowski | Youth Artists – Jaime Bruno, Chanel Cummins, Alanna Hargan, Tessa Sunnasy, Jaime Vieira


The theme “media art gallery” was chosen by the youth to reflect their views on how media and advertising affect youths today. Each youth artist created an individual piece within the mural to comment on issues of materialism, body image and self-reflection. This revealed how they each felt the effects of advertising on their own lives. The fact that the art pieces included in the mural are media ads reflects their belief that media has replaced the arts in the role of influencing the way society thinks and individuals perceive themselves.

The arches and overall gentle colours and aesthetic of an art gallery in the mural were the youths’ way of taking the urban experience of analyzing art in galleries, to the community, in a way that is free and accessible to everyone.

The mural was created by Mural Routes in partnership with Action for Neighbourhood Change and agency of West Hill Community Services.

With thanks for support from: City of Toronto Graffiti Transformation and Economic Development Mural Programs.
Youth Employment is funded by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services through Tropicana Summer Jobs for Youth Program and the TDSB Summer Employment Program.

Where to Find This Mural

Location: 510 Brimley Road, Scarborough, ON, Canada Get Directions