Mural Projects

Mural Routes’ past and current mural projects created in partnership with communities across Toronto and the GTA.

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Legacy in Motion

This mural was designed and created from May 15th to July 15th, 2018 as a SPARK project of the Cultural Hotspot, produced in partnership with the City of Toronto and supported by a StreetARToronto Partnership Program grant. Read More

Silo at 8 Mowat Ave & Hopper at 159 Dufferin St.

Lovegates’ silo playfully piles on a diverse group of characters as they climb on top of each other and hang from the ‘South Liberty Trail’ text. Read More

The Players silo & In Sight Out hopper

Both the silo and hopper by Alexander Bacon include imagery that represents both the past and bright future of Liberty Village. Read More

Truly Two

The silo’s cylindrical shape serves as the conceptual starting point for birdO’s message; the necessity of a greater synchronicity between the natural and anthropomorphic world. Read More

A Red Fork

Jarus’ approach to the South Liberty silo emphasizes the human gaze within an area of industrial buildings and residential towers, reminding the viewer that nature is there if we just take a look. Read More


This project, entitled Multipli’city, is managed by Mural Routes and is part of the StreetARToronto Partnership Program in collaboration with the Corktown Residents and Business Association, the City of Toronto Parks Department, and Relay 2017 – Friends of the PanAm Path. While the artists’ designs are diverse, they are tied… Read More

Sustenance: Western Gateway

The Western Gateway Mural is a dramatic Underpass mural painted on the Cenotaph Underpass at Kingston Road and Danforth (opposite Variety Village). This Underpass mural welcomes visitors and residents entering from the west into southern Scarborough with an array of local landscape travelled through butterfly migration. A signature project of… Read More

Passage to Port Union

Port Union and the Rouge River share a history that spans thousands of years. The Port Union-Rouge Park mural, designed and led by experience mural artist Allan Bender of Blinc Studios, beautifully depicts parts of this story. Read More


The Connections Mural was created in 2016 as a Signature Project of the Cultural Hotspot, produced in partnership with the City of Toronto. Read More

Birches at Sunset

This bright coloured “rainbow” sunset was inspired by the youth’s input to celebrate diversity. Read More

Live Art Festival @ Underpass Park

Combining mural, street and community arts under one concrete roof Read More


Artists: PA System and Embassy of Imagination (Artists: Aoudlaloo Qinnauyiaq, Latchaulassie Akesuk, Parr Etidloie, Cie Taqiasuk, Julieta Arias and Moises Frank), 2015 Piliriqatigiingniq is an unprecedented collaborative public artwork project by Cape Dorset, Nunavut youth artists and Toronto students and graduates of Oasis Skateboard Factory (TDSB). Having travelled to Cape… Read More

Terra Strat’aa

The TERRA STRAT’AA is the second landmark mural painted by MEDIAH for the City of Toronto Read More

The Radi’aal Encompass

The Radi’aal Encompass is one of two underpass murals painted by respected graffiti artist Mediah in partnership with Mural Routes. Read More


A signature project of Cultural Hotspot- East, this bright and beautiful mural is a permanent piece of public art, created to welcome visitors entering south Scarborough from the east. Read More

Birches and Bluffs 2014

Part of the Birch Cliff Community Mural Project Read More

Bomb Girls

Artist: OMEN, 2014 Location: Warden & St. Clair E., Scarborough, ON. Montreal based graffiti artist OMEN worked in collaboration with StARToronto to create this mural paying homage to the real life Bomb Girls who worked at the Scarborough’s General Engineering Company (GECo) plant in the area during World War II. Project managed… Read More


Following a successful mural project in 2012, property owner Lefteris Karagianis worked closely with Mural Routes to continue streetscape improvements to his property at Greenwood and Gerrard. Artist, William Lazos was selected through an open call competition to work with designer Alvin Wong to create a contemporary-styled mural that complements… Read More

Forest of Birch Trees

“Forest of Birch Trees” was painted on panels and is now installed, towering three stories high on the side of Birch Cliff Public School. Read More

Birch Tree Bell Box

NFP mural arts service organization Mural Routes created 3 new murals in Toronto’s Birch Cliff community, as part of the Birch Cliff Community Mural Project. Read More

Welcome to Birch Cliff

“Welcome to Birch Cliff” was designed by Anthony Delacruz and painted by Mural Routes artists and volunteers. Read More

Taste of Lawrence

(Please note: this mural was removed – 2018)
Spanning 5 separate walls, this mural shows a variety of scenes from the festival that celebrates the energy, culture and people of Wexford Heights neighbourhood Read More

Rainbow Tunnel

Mural Routes had the opportunity to revitalize Toronto’s iconic rainbow tunnel mural, located just south of Lawrence on the East side of the Don Valley Parkway, on the south entrance of the CN Rail Tunnel and part of the East Don Trail. Read More

Warden Underpass Mural

The west wall shows the iconic Bluffs and Elizabeth Simcoe– the woman who gave Scarborough its name. Read More

Little Gem

2nd mural painted in the Birch Cliff Community Mural Project. Lead artist, Tara Dorey. Assisted by summer students. Read More

Bricks and Wagons

Concept/lead artist: Jim Bravo, Head Painters: Jim Bravo, Anthony Delacruz and Em Ciobanica,  with graduates from Mural Routes Leadership Training in Mural Making program Address: 1289 Gerrard St. E. at Greenwood Ave., Toronto Date:  Summer 2012 Neighbourhood storeowners and residents, led by property owner Lefteris Karagianis, wanted to make a… Read More

Tudor Birch Grove

Artist: Sarah Collard, assisted by Meaghann MacLeod. Date: September 2012 Read More

Giant Birch Tree

This was the first mural in the Birch Cliff Community Mural project: a partnership with residents of Birch Cliff and Mural Routes. Read More


The concept of the ‘Puzzle Mural’ was developed by artist Elaine Teguibon as part of an independent study project for the Leadership Training in Mural Making program 2011. Elaine writes in her proposal “The Jigsaw puzzle represents the importance of creating the right links between people, communities and organizations ….A… Read More


Metamorphosis is based on the themes of change and transformation, bringing positivity to the entrance of the community centre. Lead artist Tara Dorey and Mural Routes’ artists led local youth in a series of stencil-making workshops to create the images of the stages of a butterfly’s life and transformation in… Read More


This mural, entitled Intersections, was created by student artists as part of a youth summer training initiative run by Mural Routes. Read More

Almonds and Wine

Ceramic artist Cristina Delago worked for five months using a base of cement panels and a mix of porcelain tiles, glass and handcrafted porcelain pieces to depict frames from Arnie Lipsey’s animated film in the colourful mosaic. Read More

The Bridging Project

Artist Rob Matejka mentored a team of youth and community members to create a mural spanning the North side of the bridge (871 feet or 266 metres). Read More


Before his engagement as keynote speaker at the 12th National Mural Symposium in Midland Ontario, Berlin-based artist Hand offered to leave a gift to Toronto in the form of an outdoor public art mural. Trace is one of the artist’s series of anonymous public portraits – his first in Canada. Read More

Come Unity

The mural is part of Amnesty International’s Project Urban Canvas, a mural series celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It focuses on Article #2 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which states: “Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind”. Read More


The mural is part of Amnesty International’s Project Urban Canvas, a mural series celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and focuses on article #28 of the Universal Declaration of Human rights which states: “Every individual is entitled to a social and international order in which the rights and freedoms set forth in this declaration can be fully realized”. Read More

UDHR Article #27

Created in Summer 2008 by local youth, this mural symbolizes the evolution of community as it celebrates strength and diversity through creative participation. Read More


The theme of a “media art gallery” was chosen by the youth to reflect their views on how media and advertising affect youths today. Read More


Artist Mentor: Victor Manzo with 7 youth artists Project Managed by Mural Routes, 2007 Artists’ statement: Diversity – people from all corners of the world, living in one eco-system. Like the branches of a tree, mingling with the roots of a mushroom, touched by the butterfly’s antenna and caressed by… Read More

Kids Play

This mural is painted on the two abutment walls and four centre columns of the bridge crossing Sheppard Ave. just west of Leslie Street. It was completed in October 2006. Read More

Natural Mystic

The theme of our mural – Natural Mystic – is “New Beginnings”. It portrays a family’s journey and their will to reach a safe and peaceful destination in which to live, a need that we feel is shared by all humans. Read More


Artists: Ellen Bleiwas, Leah Burns, Katy Mulla, Summer 2004 Designed by artists Leah Burns, Katy Mulla and Ellen Bleiwas, the mural was inspired by stories told to the artists by Scarborough Storytellers – Bluffers Tales. Working with themes of metamorphosis, transition and migration, members of Bluffers Tales told a series… Read More


This mural is painted on the garage door of the office that Mural Routes shares with Scarborough Arts. Read More


Flight explores themes of migration, transition, and change – inspired by the migration of the monarch butterfly. Read More

Mitchells General Store

(Please note that this mural has deteriorated significantly and is need of repair.) Read More

In The Way Of Progress

This commemorative mural depicts passengers boarding a radial car at Stop 17 on the Toronto and York Radial Line, at the junction of St. Clair Avenue and Kingston Road. Read More

Community Spirit

This mural recreates a scene showing members of the Highland Creek community working together to build an addition to the Wesley Methodist Chapel in the early winter of 1867. Read More

Spooner’s Garage

The unique “double” mural, painted on facing walls by Phillip Woolf, depicts two eras in the life of Spooner’s Garage. Read More

The Bluffs as Viewed by Elizabeth Simcoe c. 1793

Elizabeth Simcoe, wife of Lieutenant-Governor John Graves Simcoe was so impressed with the sight of the Bluffs as she saw them from a small boat.. Read More

H.M. Schooner, Onondaga c. 1793

Artist: Jeff Jackson, July 1992 Location: 2340 Kingston Road at Sharpe Street, Scarborough The Onondaga was built near Kingston in 1790 and served as flagship of the Provincial Marine until her retirement in 1797. This was the ship in which Lieutenant-Governor John Graves Simcoe and his wife Elizabeth sailed across Lake… Read More

Scarborough Rifle Company

In 1862 the Scarborough Rifle Company was organized with headquarters in a school at Eglinton Avenue near Markham Road. Read More

Cliffside Golf Course

The Cliffside Golf Course was located south of Kingston Road and West of Midland Avenue with a beautiful view of Lake Ontario. Read More

The Half Way House

Built as an inn at the corner of Kingston Road and what is now Midland Avenue, Half Way House was a rural stage coach stop half way between the village of Dunbarton and the St. Lawrence Market in Toronto. Read More