A mural depicting a blue tram trolley reading "213" and "Kingson" boarding passengers on an unpaved road. An early 20th-century vehicle waits beside the tram while a horse-drawn carriage rides in the opposing direction. A cow can be seen in the front left corner and a large building appears in the centre-left.
Artist(s): Phil, Jennifer & Jamie Richards

In The Way Of Progress

Completed: July 1996

This commemorative mural depicts passengers boarding a radial car at Stop 17 on the Toronto and York Radial Line, at the junction of St. Clair Avenue and Kingston Road. In the background is Scarborough High School, now R.H. King Academy, which was built in 1922 to accommodate a growing population. A horse-drawn wagon travels leisurely along St. Clair Avenue, while on Kingston Road, a gas-powered truck is temporarily halted by a symbol of Scarborough’s rural heritage.

This mural was a Scarborough Bicentennial project, initiated by the Cliffcrest Community Association and managed by Mural Routes. Posters and limited edition reproduction prints are available from Mural Routes.

Where to Find This Mural

Location: 2835 Kingston Rd, Scarborough, ON M1M 1N2, Canada Get Directions