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When Mural Routes began, our vision was to create four local “mural routes” in Scarborough (now part of the amalgamated City of Toronto). Since then our vision has grown. We discovered that there are murals everywhere and we are now helping to link the “mural routes” right across Canada.

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Since 1990 Mural Routes has worked with communities and artists to create over 50 murals across Toronto.   

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Featured Murals


2014 marks the 125th anniversary of the Old Brewery Mission. Opened in 1998, the Patricia Mackenzie Pavilion is now the largest shelter for women in Canada. To mark this historic milestone while beautifying their living space, MU produced Eclosions, a mural on the building’s two façades. Muralist Annie Hamel created this particularly feminine mural with the help of 6 young apprentices. Read More

La 6e sphère de la culture

Dominique Desbiens was asked to create a 1500 square feet mural based on the theme “The convergence of cultures”. The artist chose to express the theme by focusing on what unites us, rather than what sets us apart. Read More

Reggae Lane

In collaboration with The STEPS Initiative and artist, Adrian Hayles, this 1200 square foot mural engaged and celebrated legendary Toronto reggae musicians as part of a larger urban heritage project. Read More


Artists: Ellen Bleiwas, Leah Burns, Katy Mulla, Summer 2004 Location: 2446 Kingston Road, Scarborough, ON. Just west of Midland Avenue Designed by artists Leah Burns, Katy Mulla and Ellen Bleiwas, the mural was inspired by stories told to the artists by Scarborough Storytellers – Bluffers Tales. Working with themes of… Read More

World’s Tallest Mural (2013)

In collaboration with artist Sean Martindale and the Toronto Muralists, this installation transformed a 32 story social housing building into a giant canvas; engaging thousands of local residents and resulting in a new world record. The Rising Phoenix is now an iconic and recognizable symbol of the St James Town Area. Read More


Flight explores themes of migration, transition, and change – inspired by the migration of the monarch butterfly. Read More