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About the Mural Map

When Mural Routes began, our vision was to create four local “mural routes” in Scarborough (now part of the amalgamated City of Toronto). Since then our vision has grown. We discovered that there are murals everywhere and we are now helping to link the “mural routes” right across Canada.

Mural Routes Murals

Since 1990 Mural Routes has worked with communities and artists to create over 50 murals across Toronto.   

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Featured Murals

Breath of Spring

Artists David Guinn and Phillip Adams completed the Habitations Jeanne Mance (HJM) series Les saisons montréalaises (Montreal Seasons) with an ode to Spring. The work immortalizes Montrealers taking advantage of the colours, odours, and picnics and flowering trees that characterize the arrival of good weather and of spring. Read More

Is This Modern Society?

Temporarily on display as part of the Niagara International Mural Festival. Artist: Jupiterfab. Year: 2016. Read More

A Day for Mary

Location: Midland, ON This reproduction painting is a large version of an original oil painting done by Norman Rockwell. It was commissioned in the late 1920’s by Pratt and Lambert. Read More

Catharine Street Park Mural

Two murals are painted on the front and back sides of the utility shed (One on each side). The murals depict park elements with figures animated in lively poses. A game of “I Spy” within one mural invites viewers to engage and have fun with the interactive artwork. This artwork… Read More

Harold G. Shipp’s “First High Flier!”

Artist: John Kunthis, 2008 Location: 4994 Dundas Street West. In May of 1944 an eighteen-year-old Etobicoke High School student named Harold G. Shipp convinced a pilot, who ferried Lancaster bombers from Toronto to England during the war, to fly over the school’s football field and drop cards which could be redeemed… Read More

Hockey Bees

A couple of bees playing hockey, a moth playing a saxophone, some grapes, and a poppy flower. This is painted under the pedestrian bridge accessing the Meridian Center, by Mac Peters, as part of the Niagara International Mural Festival in June 2018. Read More