A mural painted on a wall depicts an elderly figure looking at water that emerges from their hair and fish swimming inside. Two figures stand next to the woman, observing the scene. The water meets a cliff face with greenery, flowers and a figure within it looking upward toward a monarch butterfly. The sky is yellow and mosaic-like above the water, with three figures standing on the water in the middle of the image.
Artist(s): Ellen Bleiwas, Leah Burns, Katy Mulla


Completed: Summer 2004

Designed by artists Leah Burns, Katy Mulla and Ellen Bleiwas, the mural was inspired by stories told to the artists by Scarborough Storytellers – Bluffers Tales. Working with themes of metamorphosis, transition and migration, members of Bluffers Tales told a series of stories to the mural artists. These stories were translated into a design that celebrates the experiences of community members who left their homes to come to Canada. The second mural in a series of murals dedicated to the monarch, the butterfly is a central figure to the mural, a physical representation of metamorphosis.

Financial support for this project was provided by the City of Toronto, Economic Development Banner and Mural Program and the Graffiti Transformation Project.

Where to Find This Mural

Location: 2446 Kingston Rd, Scarborough, ON M1N 1V3, Canada Get Directions