Producer: Mural Routes

A hyperrealistic mural of an older figure, complete with wrinkles and glasses, staring intently at the observer.

Grow old with me

Grow old with me, the best is yet to be, Underpass Park, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The “Mural Routes, Multipli’city Project” is a project to revitalize and brighten up urban underpasses to encourage public community engagement and make areas safer for the Toronto community. For this project the artists elected to represent age diversity in urban environments, celebrating the elderly who help shape communities and lives as the wise story-tellers and most experienced members of society. Lacey and Layla's mural is a celebration of ageing, and a reminder that with age and experience comes to a new joy and sense of humour the redefines the expression young at heart. Lacey and Layla Art (LALA)

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A mural depicting figures dancing, picnicking, playing beach volleyball, walking their dog, preparing to paddleboard and enjoying ice cream on a bench.

Beaches Foodland Mural

This design uses a realistic scenic approach. It references the Jazz Festival with the couple dancing in front of the Kew Gardens Gazebo where concerts are held, and the active lifestyle of residents and visitors who enjoy the beach, board walk and surrounding parks. Other landmarks are the Leuty Lifeguard Station and the boardwalk with a view of the Toronto skyline.

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An abstract, contemporary mural painted under a bridge, showing a futuristic, abstract cohesion of modes of transportation, gadgetry and other shapes.


“Interoh” means “entering into” or “gateway” and “Gale” defines “a very strong wind”. The ‘INTEROH GALE’ mural illustrates a gateway to a sustainable future by using renewable resources, such as wind.

The mural artwork’s theme addresses the idea of sustainability and the complicated relationship between the environment, nature, urban industry, and ever-expanding city infrastructure. The mural specifically addresses the need to preserve green spaces and develop systems and policies that will keep our city and communities sustainable as the City of Toronto continues to grow and develop at a rapid rate.

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A mural made of twenty affixed, multi-coloured birds, spaced apart on a wall.

Legacy in Motion

This mural was designed and created from May 15th to July 15th, 2018 as a SPARK project of the Cultural Hotspot, produced in partnership with the City of Toronto and supported by a StreetARToronto Partnership Program grant. ‘Legacy in Motion’ began with an Introduction to Mural Art program, held at the Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto.
Congratulations to Rob Matejka and artists Leyland Adams, Joefrey Anthony Cabalu, Mel Coleman, Banafsheh Erfanian, Siddarth Khaire, Raoul Olou, Menelik Powell, Kareen Weir and thanks to all volunteers.

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