Producer: Mural Routes

A mural of the name 'Burlington' written in capital letters using white and blue paints, weaving between multicoloured flowers, birds and vines.


Lamenza Corporation, a social purpose real estate company based in Mississauga, and Mural Routes partnered to produce a mural at 4325 Harvester Road in Burlington in the summer 2021.
The theme of the mural was imagining and building an equal, diverse and inclusive city.

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A mural featuring a horse pulling a red and white covered wagon bearing the name 'Everest and Sons Grocers'. A man in a large-brimmed hat sits on the covered wagon, while another man walks away from the wagon holding one box in each hand. The horse and wagon is waiting on an unpaved road by a wheat field in front of a green hedge with flowers, which extends into a hilly and tree-lined terrain. A child stands beside the horse presenting it a flower. Another child and figure in period-typical clothing wait at a gate that separates the hedge.

Horse-Drawn Delivery Wagon

When Scarborough consisted mostly of farms, orchards and scattered villages, horse-drawn delivery wagons were a common sight. The Everest family operated the delivery service for a wide area around Scarborough Junction and included Cliffside in their rounds. The family business is still represented in Cliffside by Everest's Hardware store on Kingston Road.

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A mural of a house with a porch, with four figures standing on it. Beside the house is a 1930s-style police vehicle with two figures driving. A youth cycles in front of the mural.

The Highland Creek Parade

This mural was removed in 2010.
This mural depicts 100 years of Highland Creek life. The images, people, animals, vehicles and buildings are assembled in a logical sequence of a parade without chronology. They are icons in a continuum.

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A four-paneled mural meeting at an Ancient-Greek style bust head. Moving clockwise, the panels show: graffiti-style lettering; contemporary art, including cubism and abstract style; cave paintings, and Renaissance-inspired art.

The Stages of Art

Using the input and suggestions of community members, the artists developed a concept and ultimately created a mural depicting the stages of art. This mural depicts western prehistoric people first murals, a Greco-Roman sculpture, baroque and impressionist pieces and graffiti.

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A mural covers two walls on a Bank of Montreal building, depicting multicoloured statues, Indigenous art, classical architecture and wraps around the building, ending in a fiber-optic cable.

Agincourt’s Journey Through Time

Utilizing suggestions from the community and historical information, the three artists collaborated to create this mural which begins in rural Agincourt, continues through the present and extends in to the future, depicted by a mass of fibre optic cables.

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