Mural Map of Canada

The Bridging Project

Organization: Mural Routes

Mural Routes Member: Rob Matejka

Location: south-facing bridge wall

Artist Rob Matejka mentored a team of youth and community members to create a mural spanning the North side of the bridge (871 feet or 266 metres). Images of the flora and fauna of the parkland around the bridge are interspersed with the footprints and impressions of people in the community and wildlife indigenous to the area. These elements represent the routes travelled by people and animals, and the roots and flora of the natural environment in the area. This mural was dedicated in a ceremony on September 11, 2010.

Funded by City of Toronto’s Graffiti Transformation Program.
(Echoes mural – north-facing bridge wall)

Artists: Rob Matejka, Johnny Yang, Tristan Joseph, Gabriella Berdugo, Curtia Wright, Christina Simms, Emilie Wong and Nigel Martin, 2010

Location: 3998 Lawrence Ave E, Scarborough, ON, Canada | Get Directions