Photo by May Shi @mmayshi
Indigenous looking-woman holding feather fan in gold wear with graffiti-stylized gold lettering on left side of the figure. Tropical bird on right side of figure, flying.
Artist(s): Hardthirteen + Trevor Peters + Annaliza Toledo

The Hero

Completed: 2023

“‘The Hero’ mural, crafted by the artistic talents of Hardthirteen, Trevor Peters, and Annaliza Toledo, not only ranks as their largest creation but also signifies a monumental achievement for EMF. It is a striking work of art, radiating both immense presence and boundless inspiration.

‘The Hero’ concepted and painted by a Rust Magic collective featuring artists Hardthirteen, Curly and Annaliza Toledo is a mural in which the central figure of a woman represents strength and resilience. Framing the woman lays an interlocking link of gold wildstyle letters, symbolizing protection. This combination of letterform and character riffs off the fundamentals of a traditional graffiti production.

Arriving on a style which could be best described as ‘Indigenous futurism’ we wanted to use our power as artists to imagine a new future, one full of respect and reverence for people we love. In this cross cultural exchange, we have depicted an Indigenous woman of mixed heritage, representing a future full of possibility.

For the artist Curly this piece is an opportunity to explore his own Cree heritage, in collaboration with partner Annaliza Toledo of Filipino heritage and Hardthirteen, a master at spray painted portraiture, who came from Indonesia to collaborate on this vision.

Consultation was key in developing this concept, and after ceremony and conversation with local knowledge keepers we created the image to help tell this important story.

Violence against Indigenous communities is a global issue. It’s a painful part of Canada’s story too. Our intention for this mural aligns with our new vision as an agency to build strong collaborations with artists to draw awareness to important issues like these. #mmiwg2s #mmiwawareness #everychildmatters

We would like to thank everyone involved in the making of this mural: Edmonton Mural Festival, Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Society, Allied and Downtown Business Association.

Big shout out to Loop Colors Canada for the amazing paint ! And much love to everyone who showed up at the wall with love and good energies.

And finally, a warm welcome to Hardthirteen and congratulations on your biggest mural to date. This collaboration exceeded all of our expectations. Terima Kasih Banyak.”

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Funded by Downtown Edmonton + Allied Properties + The City of Edmonton
Part of Edmonton Mural Festival
Allied Properties – Revlon Parkade

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: 10238 104 Street Northwest, Edmonton, Alberta T5J 1B8, Canada Get Directions