A panoramic view of the Hug Bx mural.


Artist: Elicser Elliott

Scarborough Graffiti Art, 3125 Lawrence Ave E, Scarborough, ON M1H 1A2, Canada

Found under the bridge just east of the Lawrence and McCowan intersection Elicser Elliott, a local artist, painted this massive part graffiti, part abstract portrait mural in 2018. The upper half of the mural shows ten figures sitting in a tree-filled area. Some listening, perhaps to nature, or perhaps to the figure in the middle …

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Skydivers mural, seen in its entirety.

Skydivers at College and Spadina

Artist: Disko, Osker, Sectr, Worth & Lewtr

280 Douglas Campbell Ln, Toronto, ON M5T 1R9, Canada

The College and Spadina mural depicts three figures who appear to be skydiving off the CN Tower, wearing blue, orange and white jumpsuits. Purple and yellow post-graffiti designs mark the bottom section of the mural, as well as its upper right and left-hand corners. A checkerboard pattern encircled the skydivers in the mural’s early days, but now only the upper left and lower right sections of the checkerboard remain.

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A side view of the Bell Manor Park mural.

Bell Manor Park

Artist: Peru

323 Park Lawn Rd, Etobicoke, ON M8Y 3K3, Canada

Located in Bell Manor Park’s southwestern field, this large mural (when viewed from left to right) displays a tri-toned set of leaves and a geometric butterfly, leading to the words ‘Bell Manor Park’ in Peru’s unique multi-coloured, block-letter styling.

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得閒飲茶 Duck, Hen, Yam, Cha

Artist: Lo S.T.

Riverfront Ave SE and; 1st Street SE, Calgary Alberta T2G 2G3

Duck, Hen, Yam, Cha is a myriad of Canto expressions (and a few Toisan, and Chinglish) from different generations: from golden oldies to the latest urban speak. Artwork travels through time with our use of Canto and Toisan, heritage languages of Chinatowns throughout this continent. All four signal box locations explore Time in different ways–this is the second of four locations. The first set of double boxes was Wil Yee’s “Time and Tigers”.

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