Summer Evenings

Artist: Khaula Siddique

Conlins Road, Scarborough, ON, Canada

The designs are themed around the natural beauty of the area (Rouge National Park), the wildlife that inhabits it and childhood nostalgia; being out late into the summer evenings enjoying the weather and summer activities with friends. The tall grasses are a throwback to the meadows. The murals were painted with outdoor exterior acrylic paint for Street Art Toronto as part of their concrete barrier art program.

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“Don’t Plant Anything But Love”-Rumi

Artist: Khaula Siddique (Mazhar)

Confederation Parkway and Huntington Ridge Drive, Mississauga, Ontario.

“…Don’t Plant Anything But Love”-Rumi This quote came to mind after some community consultation when members were asked what they like about living in the area. Most members appreciated the community itself, it is friendly and welcoming. Food is something that welcomes people and brings them together, we share our tables to say hello and …

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Raven’s Eye View

Artist: PJ Gilhuly

310 Nelson Ave, Nelson, BC V1L 2M8

PJ Gilhuly worked with Hume School students to create “Raven’s Eye View” on the side of Hume School. Makayla Taylor and the Nelson Youth Arts Action Committee also contributed to the creation of this piece.

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Artist: PJ Gilhuly & Lyla Gilhuly

125 Hall St, Nelson, BC V1L 4B8, Canada

PJ & Lyla Gilhuly painted this mural for the Nelson International Mural Festival 2020.

“PJ Gilhuly was joined by her daughter Lyla at NIMF 2020. PJ was born to Ktunaxa parents living in Cranbrook, BC, on September 3, 1975. Adopted by English/Irish parents, she grew up for the most part of her life in Ontario. After living away from her hometown for 30-plus years, she moved back to Cranbrook with her kids and settled in the small city and began a career as a self-taught artist. Most of her early sketches and charcoal work from depicting the human figure in scenes that suggest loneliness and suffering. Gilhuly’s expressive work is considered some of the most unique and appealing work and well represented as a Ktunaxa artist.”

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Lion’s Gate

Artist: Tanya Pixie Johnson

514 Vernon St, Nelson, BC V1L 4E7, Canada

Tanya Pixie Johnson created this mural on the back of the Community Futures building for the 2020 Nelson International Mural Festival.

“It is my intention that this reference will create stylistic dialogue with other Art Deco design and architectural features in the city. The composition includes two cat-like sentinels and the suggestion of arches or doorways, water and tree or plant-like forms
These ideas are stylized to meet the design parameters proposed by the client.”

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If Mountains Could Talk

Artist: Steph Payne

509 Front St, Nelson, BC V1L 5S4, Canada

Toronto-based artist Steph Payne created this mural for the 2021 Nelson International Mural Festival behind the Bigby Place building, near Superior Lighting and Bath.

“Steph Payne is a Venezuelan-Canadian Artist, Designer, & Creative Director with a diverse career arc in visual arts, mural production and experiential space design.”

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