Lion’s Gate

Artist: Tanya Pixie Johnson

514 Vernon St, Nelson, BC V1L 4E7, Canada

Tanya Pixie Johnson created this mural on the back of the Community Futures building for the 2020 Nelson International Mural Festival.

“It is my intention that this reference will create stylistic dialogue with other Art Deco design and architectural features in the city. The composition includes two cat-like sentinels and the suggestion of arches or doorways, water and tree or plant-like forms
These ideas are stylized to meet the design parameters proposed by the client.”

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Genetic Evolution + The Conscious Attunement To Our Divine Vitality

Artist: Kai Cabödyna

507 Cedar St, Nelson, BC V1L 2C2, Canada

Created from the 2021 Nelson International Mural Festival on the Cedar Street retaining wall.

“Kai Cabödyna’s practice is rooted within returning to natural rhythms, dethroning patriarchal conditioning, cultivating community, exploring collaborative projects and evolving cultural paradigms. Overlapping and communicating through various mediums allows for his eclectic and adaptable process to reflect the way nature orchestrates it’s patterns, rhythms and flows.

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If Mountains Could Talk

Artist: Steph Payne

509 Front St, Nelson, BC V1L 5S4, Canada

Toronto-based artist Steph Payne created this mural for the 2021 Nelson International Mural Festival behind the Bigby Place building, near Superior Lighting and Bath.

“Steph Payne is a Venezuelan-Canadian Artist, Designer, & Creative Director with a diverse career arc in visual arts, mural production and experiential space design.”

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Raven Haven

Artist: PJ Gilhuly

420 Vernon St, Nelson, BC, V1L 4E5

PJ Gilhuly created “Raven Haven” for the 2021 Nelson International Mural Festival in the first-floor stairwell of the parkade.

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Artist: Ankhone, Nicole Boyce

723 Railway St, Nelson, BC V1L 1H6, Canada

“At the beginning of the ’90s, Ankh started doing graffiti on the walls of his beautiful native city of Grenoble, nestled at the foot of the Alps.
It is this mode of expression that led him to the benches of a graphic school.
Mastering these newfound institutional techniques, he gradually transposed his pictorial and graphic work to painting, without ever breaking the link to the graffiti culture that motivated this progression.”

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Front panel of the 'Mother Nature & Friends' Bell Box.

Mother Nature & Friends

Artist: Natasha Kudashkina

College St at Queen's Park, Toronto, ON M5G 1L6, Canada

“This mural is inspired by Toronto, Canada and Mother Nature. On the front there is a mountain in the shape of Mother Nature’s face, she is smiling and resting peacefully with flowers and trees all over her. Her hair wraps to the right side, transforming into a flow of lines, swirls and more flowers. Toronto’s famous white squirrel is there as well. She is munching on an acorn and being as cute as she always is. Summer scenario on the front is changing into Autumn, as the mural wraps to the left. There are maple and oak leafs flying through the sky. It moves into a night, where floral design frames a special guest, Racoonie. He is startled to be caught playing with a little yellow duckie, a reference to the World’s largest rubber duck’s appearance in Toronto, 2017. This is a little tribute to it, since it wasn’t able to return to Toronto this year.”

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