A colourful abstract mural on a rectangular horizontal wall in front of a modern high rise building.

Union at 08.02.2022 (6pm)

Artist: Tristesse Seeliger

2015 Main St, Vancouver, British Columbia, V5T 3C2

The title of the mural reflects the time when the Westbank building casts a vertical shadow on the site, depicted by the vertical marker in the mural. The work functions as a time capsule sun-dial; an “oblique map” that orients the artwork to the sun at that exact date. In coming years, viewers can check, on the same month and day, how the spot has changed in relation to the sun and surrounding architecture.

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A woman with brown hair is depicted on a background of colourful leaves and other organic and geometric shapes

Luxurious Dreamscape Bubble Bath

Artist: David Ulock, Doug Nhung

148 E 6th Ave, Vancouver, British Columbia, V5T 1J5

This mural was the artists first collaboration with goal of blending two distinct styles into a cohesive, hyper-stylized mural. The combination of abstraction, organic shapes, bold colours, and the human form blend the two visions into a singular vision.

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PHoto of a mural at the side of a building all in green, orange and yellow. Four pieces of graffiti lettering pieces are at the bottom, and at the top is a character with a mask on top of her head with Asian motifs, and swirls on both sides.


Artist: SOWL, Flips, Jetr, Kirby, P00rkids, Spy

620a Gerrard Street East, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Mural at the side of Limitless Embroidery on 620 Gerard St. E, by artists: SOWL, Flips, Jetr, Kirby, P00rkids, Spy. Completed in 2023.

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Mural that borders two sets of wooden doors, with a pink and white striped pattern.

Chip’s Vintage Mural

Artist: Hanna Reimer

143 Sherbrook St Winnipeg MB R3C 2B5

Working with fabric has been a common theme in my work for the better part of 4 years. In particular, striped folded fabric has been wrapped around my process the most – despite focusing on it for so long it always feels new to me. As I have developed my methods for painting like this, I am able to notice patterns and don’t require a reference photo like I used to. Although there are similarities in the ways that the imagined sheet of fabric folds, it will never be the same as the next time I imagine it to be dropped, folded, wrinkled and smooshed. It is fun to play a game with myself by imagining where the lines are hidden by a crease or overlap and following them from their start to their end. This piece, imagined for the side of Chip’s Vintage, takes up the whole space and doesn’t give any hint to where it starts or ends. We can imagine this sheet of fabric continues beyond the frame of the surface of the mural.

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Flowing translucent floral shapes and lines work with light purples, blues and aquamarine

Chilly Expressions

Artist: Chris Perez

10816 124 St, Edmonton, Alberta, T5M 0H3

The abstract floral is based on my ongoing exploration within my personal work.

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Text reads: "CJHS STRENGTH" Portrait of man in pondering pose, hand on chin. White font of "GROWTH" "COMMUNITY" on left side. "RESTORE" "SUPPORT" "CHANGE" text on right side of wall


Artist: Toner, Mikha, & ITZXYZ

917 9 Ave SE, Calgary, Alberta, T2G 0S5

On Untitled Esthetics Studio wall

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