Musical Healing

Artist: Désiré Betty [D.BETTY]

165 Augusta Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M5T 2L4 [Augusta and Spadina]

My piece entitled “Musical Healing” [May 2, 2022] is inspired by the undying magic of music and its good vibrations – it heals the soul in so many ways.

Commissioned to complete a planter mural in Kensington Market, Toronto by the Kensington Market BIA. Thank you for the opportunity to beautify the community and get an early start on the public art season!

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FUTURA at Assembly Park

Artist: André Kan

18 Interchange Way, Concord, Vaughan, Ontario

Futura (2021) a vibrant and innovative mural activation by Andre Kan serves as a significant landmark at The Assembly Park Studios in the City of Vaughan. His geometric shapes build upon one another creating a sense of interconnection, and reminding us how we are all connected in this world. Through the significance of cause and effect, this energetic, multilayered landscape is his abstract interpretation of the city’s unique future – a high-spirited dynamic blueprint of various forms coming together. Unified, bold, and in harmony, this architectural piece depicts a number of structural components and signifies the importance of creating a foundation that can be built beyond itself.

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Where We Find Our Roots

Artist: Frannie Potts and Sylvie Stojanovski of the Scarbrite Collective in collaboration with Caterina Sinclair a.k.a. Memengwaa Kwe Originals

Queen Street East & Broadview Avenue, Toronto, ON, Canada

Where We Find our Roots celebrates the incredible beauty of the Don River and its surrounding waterways–paying tribute to the traditional keepers of the land, its current residents, and its potential futures.

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Garth Worthington School Mural

Artist: Alixandra Jade

351 Chappelle Dr SW, Edmonton, AB T6W 2Z2

Playing around a concept powered by creativity, imagination, diversity, and exploration, just some of the many aspects that schools encompass. The mural is painted in an abstract style where a bold, captivating mural is created through an array of hidden imagery with meaning to be found. The abstract style allows for a unique experience as everyone’s eye and mind interpretates colours, forms, and shapes differently.

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