Musical Healing

Artist: Désiré Betty [D.BETTY]

165 Augusta Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M5T 2L4 [Augusta and Spadina]

My piece entitled “Musical Healing” [May 2, 2022] is inspired by the undying magic of music and its good vibrations – it heals the soul in so many ways.

Commissioned to complete a planter mural in Kensington Market, Toronto by the Kensington Market BIA. Thank you for the opportunity to beautify the community and get an early start on the public art season!

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Pigeon Lake Music Festival Mural

Artist: Alixandra Jade

Located on the backside of the Main Stage at Hilah Ayers Wilderness RV Park, Mulhurst Bay Pigeon Lake, Alberta

The style and colour palette are inspired by retro vintage art to give a fun old school campy vibe and compliment the campsite buildings.

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All You Need is LOVE

Artist: Julia Prajza

55 Fort York Blvd, Toronto, ON M5V 0R6

As part of the The Bentway’s 2021 Community Incubation Program, I facilitated virtual workshops where participants learned basic techniques to prepare for the collaborative window mural. Based on the theme of community love, I created a fun and playful mural design with big, bold letterforms and intersecting shapes. Participants came out to paint and contribute to this massive window mural.

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The Willowdale Basketball Court

Artist: Pam Lostracco

415 Willowdale Avenue, Toronto, ON (in Longmore Park)

The basketball court design is based on feedback from a community consultation. Residents decided to have a logo inside the centre circle that represents Willowdale. The logo needed to reflect the willow trees that grow in the area and represent their energizing games with a lightning bolt. While painting the court, the artist met a few basketball players who looked pretty excited to watch their lightning idea manifest! To best identify the type of tree, Pam focused on realistic silhouettes of long and narrow willow leaves. The transparent overlaps are white to add extra spark to the overall effect. Lastly, the leafy pattern and bolt are positioned to look right-side-up for both teams while standing on each side of the court.

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Red Brick Café #2

Artist: Amber Ozols

8 Douglas St, Guelph, ON N1H 2S9

This alleyway got a little revamp, in preparation for patio season! The Red Brick Café is ready to make your morning that much better!

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