Taste of Punjab

Artist: Manpreet Kaur

8 Strathearn Avenue, Brampton ON Canada L6T 4P1

While creating this mural, I felt like I am back in my homeland, as I painted all the Punjabi Cultural things like old house scene, with people celebrating the life with Bhangra. Some scenic beauty of open green fields, cultural attire and of course the nature around. It was a beautiful experience, working at this restaurant, do visit there and enjoy the vibe and the food.

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50 Years and Counting

Artist: Kris Friesen

9000 60th Ave NW Edmonton, AB T6E 6A6

Empire Collision celebrated their 50th anniversary with this mural showing highlights from the last 50 years of Edmonton. The small business wanted to give back to Edmonton by showcasing a mural about the city. The mural unveiling served as a 50th anniversary commemoration event during which a 1964 mustang was donated to the Kid’s Cottage charity with a raffle.

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Artist: Kris Friesen

10724 95 St NW Edmonton, AB T5H 2C7

The Giants of Edmonton Mural Program celebrated Hope Hunter and the Boyle Street Community Services with this mural commission. The Boyle Street charity works to see all people grow healthier through involvement in strong, accepting and respectful communities. Hope is a mural inspired and influenced by First Nations people in Edmonton, and promotes the cultural aspects of inclusion, diversity, and putting people first.

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Butterfly Effect

Artist: Jesse Campbell

102 Herridge Ln #2, Nelson, BC V1L 0C2

Jesse Campbell is a Métis visual artist and strength athlete. His ancestry comes from St. Boniface and Waterhen lake MB on his Moms side and from Scotland and England on his Dads. Jesse has been painting murals since 2010 and ditched a career in the sciences to work full-time in the arts in 2018.

“With the Butterfly Effect, we have these small reverberations that sort of magnify, and create a much bigger impact. And I think about that with species, and species loss. In this piece I want to sort of depict recollection, recollecting our place within the land, our past, and our tentative future. I do that by reintroducing these flowers and the native species that go with them.” – Jesse Campbell

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Taken from the ground, the 335 College St. Mural.

335 College St. Mural

Artist: Emmanuel Jarus

335 College St, Toronto, ON, Canada

335 College St.’s western-facing wall displays a portrait mural of Jonah Yano, a singer-songwriter from Toronto. Capturing Yano’s likeness excellently, mural artist Emmanuel Jarus painted Yano looking to the sky, sitting on a rooftop that overlooks an urban area, filled with trees.

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The 'When Generations Connect' mural, seen from the street.

When Generations Connect

Artist: Dom Laporte

144 Eddy St, Gatineau, QC, Canada

Artist’s Statement: “I created this project for Sentier Cultural in Gatineau, QC. The mural focused on paying tribute to the significance of women in the textile industry and the working class neighborhood that still exists in that sector of old Hull today.”

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