nenadneke babayoh

Artist: Damian John

523 Vernon St, Nelson, BC V1L 4E9, Canada

Damian John created this mural on the Vernon Street retaining wall next to the Salvation Army (down the stairs) for the Nelson International Mural Festival in 2022.

“Damian loves art as a way of saying something, anything! It can be important, mundane, fantastic, colourful, terrible, quiet or loud. It is through this voice that he believes some of our most beautiful messages are relayed to one another. As such, he is always working to create story through his art in line, colour, and composition.”

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You’re My Mountain Flame

Artist: Turbo Bambi

120 Silica St, Nelson, BC, V1L 4M1

Turbo Bambi created this mural for the 2022 Nelson International Mural Festival on the side of the Nelson Leaf’s Recycling Centre.

“Blending the lines from backcountry to canvas, Bambi’s passion for the outdoors feeds her desire to create. Immersed in the snow-surf-skate culture, her work ranges from an eccentric & humoristic take on street art to a minimalistic approach. As a thrill-seeking mixed media artist, Bambi’s process is defined by the motto “Shred & Create”.”

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Wild Geese

Artist: STYNA

3 View St, Nelson, BC V1L 2V1

STYNA created this mural for the 2022 Nelson International Mural Festival on the roof of Kootenay Lake Hospital’s emergency department. The wall is visible from view street, as well as visible to the patients in the hospital’s palliative care ward.

“Wild Geese” is inspired by Mary Oliver’s poem “Wild Geese”.

“Christina Huynh is an illustrator and muralist based in Western Sydney, Australia that paints under the name STYNA. Her art practice involves creating murals, illustrations and picture books from differing mediums of watercolour, ink and pen to acrylic and aerosol.

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The front of the 'Faces' signal box.


Artist: Catherine Cachia

250 Westlake Ave, Toronto, ON M4C 4T4, Canada

“I finished painting the traffic box outside of @oldscoolgeneralstore at Lumsden and westlake ave in my own hood. Grateful to have been assigned this particular box outside of this amazing Community hub. Representation matters and I’m honoured to contribute to this corner in a colourful and uplifting (hopefully) way.”

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Natural Connections

Artist: Sylvie Stojanovski (a.k.a. Sylvie the Artist)

Yonge St at Baillol Ave, south east corner (1867 Yonge St)

An interactive ground mural that features a pattern map inspired by an aerial map of park trails and waterways in the Midtown Yonge area–from Sherwood Park, to Oriole, and the Beltline, as well as three lines connecting native plants to their respective pollinators.

Created as a part of the Midtown Yonge BIA Connects! Through Community Animation and Art program.

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The 'When Generations Connect' mural, seen from the street.

When Generations Connect

Artist: Dom Laporte

144 Eddy St, Gatineau, QC, Canada

Artist’s Statement: “I created this project for Sentier Cultural in Gatineau, QC. The mural focused on paying tribute to the significance of women in the textile industry and the working class neighborhood that still exists in that sector of old Hull today.”

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