A colourful whale, octopus and mermaid canoeing into the sunset.


Artist: Stephanie Avery

39 Rains Ave, Toronto, ON, M6G 3H4

Located on their garage, facing the bustling street of Davenport, is an artistic interpretation of the family who lives there. As lovers of animals, nature and adventure, this whimsical mural captures their spirits, recreating the three of them as a whale, octopus and mermaid having the time of their lives on a canoe trip.

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Viewing the focus of the Tahlequah mural (a long-haired figure with a large orca whale holding a smaller orca on its rostum).


Artist: Chief Lady Bird, Mo Thunder

39 D'Arcy Street, Toronto, ON, Canada

The Tahlequah mural visualises the story of Tahlequah, an orca who carried the body of her calf (Tali) for seventeen days following Tali’s death. For Mo Thunder,  this mural is about community care. This mural was painted as part of WomxnPaintTO. 

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Painted house in vibrant colours of blue, green, pink, and yellow. Depicting a feminine mythical creature sitting with vases of poppies.

Poppy Dragon and Laughing Hare

Artist: NYWN and Trea Jensen

444 Red Coat Drive, Eastend, SK, Canada

A mural made by mother and daughter. A work of labour and love. Assisted by the community with tools and labour.

Created 2023.

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Bright Lights by Sarah Van Pelt

Bright Lights

Artist: Sarah Van Pelt

800 Talbot Street, St. Thomas, ON, Canada

“Bright Lights” was inspired while the artist was camping in one of Ontario’s Provincial Parks. Sarah was walking back to her campsite in the dark when she saw a stranger carrying a lantern in the distance. Enchanted by flickering fireflies and the warmth of the lantern light through the trees, she stored the image in her memory for a dreary day when she would live the moment again through her art.

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I Love My Hairdo

Artist: Yasaman Mehrsa with Moonlight Murals Colective

4931- 49 Street, Red Deer, Alberta, T4N 1V1

Meet the Street Mural Festival.
This mural was painted for a Hair college.

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North York Love

Artist: Yasaman Mehrsa with Moonlight Murals Collective

5150 Yonge St, North York, ON M2N 6L8

North York Arts.
Indoor digital mural for North York Centre at the entrance of the building.

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