Artist: Désiré Betty

King Street West & Peter Street, Toronto, ON, Canada

Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) “3rd Annual Festival Street” Live Mural Painting “Starlight” in response to the theme “Toronto is the Star”, as part of #StARTatTIFF “Art Walk” Activation, commissioned by Surface Art, StreetARToronto, TIFF, Toronto

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In Contemplation

Artist: Désiré Betty

Woodbine Park, Queen Street East, Toronto, ON, Canada

Performer – Live Painting of Mural “In Contemplation”, as part of September 2022 Toronto International Busker Fest for Epilepsy, Woodbine Park, Toronto.

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Ego vs. Spirit & Spiritual Manifestation

Artist: Désiré Betty

Conlins Road at Milner Avenue, Scarborough

This section of the cycle track stretches North from the bridge over the 401 on both the East and West side to just south of Auto Mall Drive on Conlins Road.
This cycle track project was organized by StreetARToronto. The theme was dissolved from community engagement and feedback surveys conducted by StreetARToronto within the Meadoway and Conlins Road communities.

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Wild Style

Artist: Dodo Ose

714 Baker St, Nelson, BC V1L 4J6

Montreal-based artist Dodo Ose painted this mural on the side of Civic Auto for the 2022 Nelson International Mural Festival.

“DODO lives his Art as a great adventure, where one feeds the other and vice versa.
His painting is the reflection of His experience. He is a visual poet whose mission is to break the boundaries between dreams and realities. It remains optimistic and aims to hold the viewer’s attention to direct him to a moment of reflection, like he is living a daydream.It’s also a way to transpose emotions by creating a bridge between conscious and unconscious.”

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Front panel of the 'Mother Nature & Friends' Bell Box.

Mother Nature & Friends

Artist: Natasha Kudashkina

College St at Queen's Park, Toronto, ON M5G 1L6, Canada

“This mural is inspired by Toronto, Canada and Mother Nature. On the front there is a mountain in the shape of Mother Nature’s face, she is smiling and resting peacefully with flowers and trees all over her. Her hair wraps to the right side, transforming into a flow of lines, swirls and more flowers. Toronto’s famous white squirrel is there as well. She is munching on an acorn and being as cute as she always is. Summer scenario on the front is changing into Autumn, as the mural wraps to the left. There are maple and oak leafs flying through the sky. It moves into a night, where floral design frames a special guest, Racoonie. He is startled to be caught playing with a little yellow duckie, a reference to the World’s largest rubber duck’s appearance in Toronto, 2017. This is a little tribute to it, since it wasn’t able to return to Toronto this year.”

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The front panel of the 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?' Bell Box.

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Artist: Vicky Bilbily

4-4 Taddle Creek Rd, Toronto, ON M5S 3E1, Canada

Vicky Bilbily’s ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Bell Box displays the glass-covered interior of a robot’s brain and forehead, presumably asleep. The robot’s large eyes are open, looking to the left of the viewer, but their brain – a light blue semicircle circle – is filled with ten sheep connected to each other with a dark blue lines. The robot’s brain is connected to their body with light blue lines, reminiscent of a circuit board.

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