Graffiti by Bacon

Artist: Bacon

110 Baker St, Nelson, BC V1L 4H1

Located in the parking lot facing side of Dr. Kelly Davidoff Family Dentistry, Bacon used his spare paint from “Harmony” to create this quick piece.

“Canadian painter and internationally acclaimed graffiti artist, Alexander Bacon, was born and raised in Toronto and has become a renowned mural artist with over 20 years of experience. Using spray paint as the main medium, Bacon’s work has evolved towards deconstructing traditional spray graffiti techniques to create an abstract style while preserving letters’ shapes. The technique behind his work presents a unique painting style where he produces soft color transitions, blending abstract forms with realism and expressionism.”

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Smooth Sky

Artist: Imagine

420 Vernon Street, Nelson, BC, V1L 4E5

The piece is an ode to blue skies! The sky in Nelson really inspired me. When I first arrived, I talked to the festival organizers and several people who’ve lived here all their lives, and they were all telling me how lucky I was during my visit because the sky wasn’t smoky. Since I got here, the sky has been a perfect blue the whole time and I couldn’t imagine this beautiful place any other way.
What it says on the wall is “may the skies forever stay blue”, over and over again. It’s sort of like a wish, that with climate change and rapidly changing weather everywhere, the hope is that we have blue sky days like these over and over again; that things stay this way. I used a lot of shades of blue in it; the majority of the shades are sky blues, so if you take a photo of the wall, even at different times of day, some part of the wall is always matching the sky.

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得閒飲茶 Duck, Hen, Yam, Cha

Artist: Lo S.T.

Riverfront Ave SE and; 1st Street SE, Calgary Alberta T2G 2G3

Duck, Hen, Yam, Cha is a myriad of Canto expressions (and a few Toisan, and Chinglish) from different generations: from golden oldies to the latest urban speak. Artwork travels through time with our use of Canto and Toisan, heritage languages of Chinatowns throughout this continent. All four signal box locations explore Time in different ways–this is the second of four locations. The first set of double boxes was Wil Yee’s “Time and Tigers”.

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Hashtag Gallery

Artist: Adrian Hayles

367 Euclid Ave Toronto, ON M6J 2K1, Canada

KJ Bit Collective partnered with StreetARToronto to transform this community laneway into a giant canvas of graffiti and mural art. KJ Bit organized 75 artists to paint garages in two live-paint jams. The initiatives were well supported by local residents who now enjoy their revitalized laneway. KJ Bit are Jieun June Kim and Erika James.

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