Cellular to Stellar

Artist: Emily Rose Michaud

3 Route Principale Ouest, Sainte-Cécile-de-Masham, Québec J0X 2W0, Canada

A series of murals were made to ask questions about our experience: Emily Rose Michaud’s mural was installed at Sainte-Cécile de Masham’s Elementary School. The mural provoked reflection on a series of questions to which the public was invited to respond. Two science and health professionals – a data scientist and a health advisor on COVID – developed the questions. A QR code displayed on the murals then directed the public to a web platform with the questions to solicit answers.

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Promise of Prosperity

Artist: Jessica Semenoff

4035 University Ave NW, Calgary, AB T3B 6K3

This bright and bold mural acts as a welcoming sign to Central Commons Park, inviting people in and encouraging them to enjoy the outdoors. This park will be a main source of play and fun for kids, represented by maidenhair ferns which symbolize innocence.

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Planting Seeds of Change

Artist: Scarbrite Collective, Frannie Potts, Sylvie Stojanovski

Heydon Park Secondary School, 70 D'Arcy St, Toronto, ON M5T 1K1

Planting Seeds of Change–a fence mural co-created alongside young women, transgender and non-binary students at Heydon Park Secondary School as a part of Youth Challenge International’s Innovate My Future Program. Students were invited to respond to the question: What would a world where we’ve taken the steps to combat climate change look like?

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Ours to Tell

Artist: Royal Crown Student's - Guided by Francine Freeman

Royal Crown Academic School 4620 Finch Ave E, Toronto, ON M1S 4G2

A week spent with the art class of Royal Crown School inspiring some amazing students to create change, and inspire others. The three people are to represent the past (Harriet Tubman), the present (Obama) and the future (RCS Student’s), with a mirror in the center to show that it doesn’t take someone historic or famous to create change. Look in the mirror, YOU are the future of the black community!

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Vanier BIA Winter Boxes

Artist: Emilie Darlington

Beechwood Avenue & Vanier Parkway, Ottawa, ON, Canada

Designed for a trio of unserviceable planters, these custom winter boxes brighten up a busy Ottawa intersection while simultaneously deterring littering in the previously empty planters. The Winter Boxes feature a mix of poinsettia flowers, pine sprigs, and snowflakes.

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