Artist: Monica Loney

150 Dunlop St E Suite 201, Barrie, ON L4M 6H1

This piece was created by Monica to accompany the beautiful poem by local Barrie poet laureate Victoria Butler, to encourage inclusiveness and empower the community to just ‘BE’ their authentic selves. Commissed by the BE Beauty and Wellness team, this piece is on display in their main foyer and includes a variety of faces from all walks of life; connected in a continuous line to showcase a universal connection we all share. They understand that each person has a unique journey and lived experience, and by sharing this knowledge with one another we can individually and collectively move towards our BEcoming. Community empowerment was the focus for the artist and she was honoured to work alongside a local business and poet to create the mural.

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Musical Healing

Artist: Désiré Betty [D.BETTY]

165 Augusta Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M5T 2L4 [Augusta and Spadina]

My piece entitled “Musical Healing” [May 2, 2022] is inspired by the undying magic of music and its good vibrations – it heals the soul in so many ways.

Commissioned to complete a planter mural in Kensington Market, Toronto by the Kensington Market BIA. Thank you for the opportunity to beautify the community and get an early start on the public art season!

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Let’s Fly T.O

Artist: Francine Freeman

5825 Dixie Rd, Mississauga, ON L4W 4V7

This mural is located in the Postcard Restaurant of the Best Western Hotel of the Toronto skyline surrounded by a vibrant sunset. The CN Tower features a light display using RGB strip lights creating a light show for the customers to enjoy.

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Where We Find Our Roots

Artist: Frannie Potts and Sylvie Stojanovski of the Scarbrite Collective in collaboration with Caterina Sinclair a.k.a. Memengwaa Kwe Originals

Queen Street East & Broadview Avenue, Toronto, ON, Canada

Where We Find our Roots celebrates the incredible beauty of the Don River and its surrounding waterways–paying tribute to the traditional keepers of the land, its current residents, and its potential futures.

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Kind of Blue

Artist: Ray Vidal

87 Hounslow Heath Road, Toronto

Huge thank you to @kj.bit for putting on an amazing Mentor and Mentee mural jam in Oct 2021.

This is the garage I got and I immediately saw a piano. I wanted to transform the windows into black keys that glow at night. It is a whimsical play on a jazz pianist.

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Magic Carpet Ride

Artist: Julia Prajza

Toronto Carpet Factory back patio, rear of 1179 King St W, Toronto, ON M6K 3C5

A series of five ground murals were painted for The Toronto Carpet Factory to bring character and life to the outdoor patio. Brand colours were used to inspired these fun and playful carpet designs.

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