Time to Heal; and truth before reconciliation

Artist: Janice Wu; seth cardinal dodginghorse; 馬鳳齡 Fung Ling Feimo

3rd Avenue Southeast & 1st Street Southeast, Calgary, AB T2G 0B7, Canada

All four signal box locations explore Time in different ways; from traditional Chinese calligraphy with historical photos of Chinatown, and the history shared by Tsúùt’ínà artist about his ancestor Chief Bullhead and Fort Calgary, to stylised tigers inspired by the colours of Cantonese opera, to age-old medicinal remedies that have survived many generations, to contemporary Canto phraseology and street calligraphy.

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The Wisdom Mural

Artist: Claudia Salguero

1365 Bank St Ottawa ON K1H 8K8

The Wisdom Mural Project, installed on August 5th 2021, is a call to action to care for our planet. It was a two-year long journey, which sought to understand the depth to which ancestral teachings from Canada and around the world could strengthen our connection with and respect for Mother Nature.

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Turtle Island

Artist: Allan Bender

180 Front Street, Belleville Ontario K8N 2Y7

Designed and painted by Allan Bender, John Nobrega, Stacey Kinder
“In various Indigenous origin stories, the turtle is said to support the world, and is an icon of life itself. Turtle Island therefore speaks to various spiritual beliefs about creation and for some, the turtle is a marker of identity, culture, autonomy and a deeply-held respect for the environment.” The Canadian Encyclopedia
Funded by the city of Belleville. Supported by Sherwin-Williams Paints Belleville.

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Bright Future

Artist: Yasaman Mehrsa, Melika Saeeda, Ghazaleh Rastgar

Church Street & Wellesley Street East, Toronto, ON, Canada

Ground mural for Church Village and Cafe TO

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