Foundation of Town and Rail

Foundation of Town and Rail

Artist: Paul Membourquette

465 Talbot Street, St Thomas Ontario

The Canada Southern Railway was a big part of St. Thomas’ rail history from 1872 to 1881. The C.S.R.’s legacy to the community is its historic Talbot Street station, which was created in 1872 as a shortcut through Canada from Chicago to New York.

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Drift by Sarah Van Pelt


Artist: Sarah Van Pelt

800 Talbot Street St Thomas Ontario

“According to Inuit oral tradition, kayaking was a way of life as well as a practical tool…for over 2,000 years. An individual’s mastery of the kayak measured personal growth and connection to the community. The kayak also provided the Inuit with a means of interacting with Arctic geography and ecology; kayaking was a way to explore landscapes, access natural resources, encounter animals and socialize with the Inuit of other communities.” (The Canadian Encyclopedia)

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All Are My Relatives

All Are My Relatives

Artist: Nancy Deleary

153 Curtis Street, St Thomas Ontario

This mural connects with the specific setting at the Library, as well as the surrounding neighbourhood. The upper portion of the artwork, visible from the street, features a fire, row of corn, and an extraordinary night sky, a spectacular setting for the central characters including a storyteller and those gathered to listen by the fire. In the lower corners of the piece, there are animals that will draw visitors into the setting. The muskrat is key to the Indigenous Recreation story, as following the great flood, the semiaquatic rodent brought life back to earth from the depths through a morsel of sand. Viewers will note that the muskrat has a bandolier bag, which has always been a part of First Nations and Native American attire. There is also a mother bear and cub in the design. Similar to the muskrat, the mother bear is wearing a bandolier bag, symbolizing that all of creation has been given a set of original instructions and responsibilities that they have always maintained. The animals are situated in the space to remind human beings that we share the natural environment. This is emphasized by how the bear and cub are positioned on rock formations that visually extend the reading garden amphitheatre. All living things are in the same spot. The bear is traditionally considered a protector and maintains a very close relationship to the earth.

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Ann's Snack Bar

Ann’s Snack Bar

Artist: Clark MacDougall

230 Talbot Street, St Thomas, Ontario.

A reproduction of the St. Thomas Artist Clark MacDougall’s painting, the bright contrasting colours against the dark shadows and outlines perfectly depicts a talbot street of the past.

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Ours to Tell

Artist: Royal Crown Student's - Guided by Francine Freeman

Royal Crown Academic School 4620 Finch Ave E, Toronto, ON M1S 4G2

A week spent with the art class of Royal Crown School inspiring some amazing students to create change, and inspire others. The three people are to represent the past (Harriet Tubman), the present (Obama) and the future (RCS Student’s), with a mirror in the center to show that it doesn’t take someone historic or famous to create change. Look in the mirror, YOU are the future of the black community!

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North York Love

Artist: Yasaman Mehrsa with Moonlight Murals Collective

5150 Yonge St, North York, ON M2N 6L8

North York Arts.
Indoor digital mural for North York Centre in the food court.

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