Rowntree Mills Pathway mural

Artist: Khaula Siddique

Rowntree Mills Park, 155 Rowntree Mill Rd, North York, ON M9L 2K1

This mural was painted through community consultation with Arts Etobicoke and four other mural artists; Yusra Mukhtar, Kaya Joan, Moises Frank and Hemangi Shroff (Please see their profiles for their part of the mural).
The mural was painted using outdoor exterior acrylic paints. The picnic blanket, the fruit basket and the hint of the Mad Hatter’s tea party are part of the theme of inviting the community to a welcoming space, to share each other’s company, good food and a little bit of magic.

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“Don’t Plant Anything But Love”-Rumi

Artist: Khaula Siddique (Mazhar)

Confederation Parkway and Huntington Ridge Drive, Mississauga, Ontario.

“…Don’t Plant Anything But Love”-Rumi This quote came to mind after some community consultation when members were asked what they like about living in the area. Most members appreciated the community itself, it is friendly and welcoming. Food is something that welcomes people and brings them together, we share our tables to say hello and …

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Nelson Spotlight

Artist: Toner

420 Vernon St Nelson, BC V1L 4E5

Toner created “Nelson Spotlight” for the 2021 Nelson International Mural Festival. The piece features Streetcar #23, the Hume Hotel (before it’s renovation), the Courthouse, and Touchstones Museum.

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The focus of the 'River of Time' mural, which reads "flow gratefully through the currents of time."

River of Time

Artist: Natalie Very B., Bareket Kezwer, Julii McMillan, Julia Prajza

53 Stephen Dr, Etobicoke, ON M8Y 3M8, Canada

The ‘River of Time’ mural was undertaken by artists Natalie Very B., Bareket Kezwer, Julii McMillan and Julia Prajza, as part of the Neighbourhood Love Collective’s Gateway Mural Project. The mural depicts artistically rendered wildlife, rivers and other nature scenes flowing through the seasons, the observer’s eyes following a series of unbroken rolling hills that pass through the seasons.

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A mural of two steam trains at a train station.

Palmerston Railway

Artist: Lambertus De Graaf

150 Main St W Palmerston, ON N0G 2P0

Painted by Lambertus De Graaf, a local artist and art teacher, this wall mural commemorates the railway around which the town of Palmerston grew. It shows the pedestrian walkway over the tracks, the rail station and steam engine No. 81. All of these things have been restored and people can visit the outdoor museum. The first train arrived in 1871 and the station was closed in 1982. Steam had been replaced by diesel in 1957.

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Time to Heal; and truth before reconciliation

Artist: Janice Wu; seth cardinal dodginghorse; 馬鳳齡 Fung Ling Feimo

3rd Avenue Southeast & 1st Street Southeast, Calgary, AB T2G 0B7, Canada

All four signal box locations explore Time in different ways; from traditional Chinese calligraphy with historical photos of Chinatown, and the history shared by Tsúùt’ínà artist about his ancestor Chief Bullhead and Fort Calgary, to stylised tigers inspired by the colours of Cantonese opera, to age-old medicinal remedies that have survived many generations, to contemporary Canto phraseology and street calligraphy.

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