PHoto of a mural at the side of a building all in green, orange and yellow. Four pieces of graffiti lettering pieces are at the bottom, and at the top is a character with a mask on top of her head with Asian motifs, and swirls on both sides.


Artist: SOWL, Flips, Jetr, Kirby, P00rkids, Spy

620a Gerrard Street East, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Mural at the side of Limitless Embroidery on 620 Gerard St. E, by artists: SOWL, Flips, Jetr, Kirby, P00rkids, Spy. Completed in 2023.

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Photo of a bunker mural of a submerged sea goddess with half her face visible and her hand coming out of the water building what looks like a piece of land or mountain, which merges to the Toronto city skyline on the left side of the bunker. The character, elements and water are in various shades of blue and green, and the sky is painted a vivid red. The goddess wears a headdress of sorts made of fish and coral.

Sea Goddess Building the Land


Coronation Park, Lake Shore Boulevard West, Toronto, ON, Canada

Bunker mural painted on all 4 sides by FPMONKEY in aerosol, featuring a sea goddess inspired by Chinese mythology building the land which turns into the Toronto skyline. Theme given to artist was “the land.” Yachts are seen in the water to reflect the nearby boat pier along the waterfront. Located at Coronation Park, funded by stART Toronto. Completed in 2023.

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Photo of a short two stores building covered in mural and graffiti art by different artists. Graffiti lettering is above the main door and on top features a woman with blue hair holding a ginseng root that is flowering across the building. A raccoon is on the left beside swirls and Asian motifs.

Blondie’s Pizza collab

Artist: Flips, SOWL, Kizmet, Dajenesis, Timmy Drift, Fathom, Spy, FPMONKEY

2486 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON, Canada

Collaborative mural over the entire building of Blondie’s Pizza at 2486 Dundas St. W, completed in 2021 and curated by Flips and SOWL.

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Photo of mural at the side of a building of a black snake on a pink background with diamond shaped patterns in green, red, yellow and black. The snake’s head is facing a rose. Graffiti lettering is on the left in pink.


Artist: Moises/LUVS, Elise Conlin, Hotsnackz

The Art of Demolition, Keele Street, Toronto, ON, Canada

Collaborative mural at the side of store Art of Demolition by Moises/LUVS, Elise Conlin, Hot Snackz, completed in 2023.

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Photo of a mural of a thrift store in a cartoon style, with lines of clothes on the right and hats and accessories on the left. A retro smiley face is painted at the top left. At the very top is graffiti lettering, “Elizabeth, will you marry me?”

Thrift Thus Mural

Artist: Rowdyradrat & friends

Thrift Thus, 392 Keele St, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Collaborative mural for Thrift Thus by @rowdyradrat and friends, completed in 2022.

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Photo of a side of the building with a fence at the forefront. Building as a mural along the side featuring a round frame on the right written “Taste of Seduction ; Jamaican Cuisine”. Inside the frame is a view of a beach and a palm tree, with Bob MArley’s head in the sky and a man in an active pose on the sand. To the left is a series of graffiti lettering in Jamaican colours (green, black, red, yellow).


Artist: Unknown

Taste Seduction Jamaican Cuisine, 399 Keele St, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Mural at the side of Taste of Seduction, serving Jamaican cuisine, featuring a hand painted mural of the restaurant name and logo along with graffiti lettering.

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