Producer: Bell Box Mural Project

Little One’s City

The Mural is a reflection of vibrants streets, showcasing colourful roads and buildings in-front of a cloud filled sky. The vibrant streets and buildings aim to inspire the youth to create more art and build community. This design also reinforces diversity and interconnectedness; through which a community thrives. The colourful buildings within this city landscape speak to those who dwell within and bring the streets to life. As I painted amongst the community, a little boy and his father were driving past as the child exclaimed that he wanted to visit the city landscape. This inspired me to title the mural “Little One’s City” as it is the youth that are our future.

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Front panel of the 'Mother Nature & Friends' Bell Box.

Mother Nature & Friends

"This mural is inspired by Toronto, Canada and Mother Nature. On the front there is a mountain in the shape of Mother Nature’s face, she is smiling and resting peacefully with flowers and trees all over her. Her hair wraps to the right side, transforming into a flow of lines, swirls and more flowers. Toronto's famous white squirrel is there as well. She is munching on an acorn and being as cute as she always is. Summer scenario on the front is changing into Autumn, as the mural wraps to the left. There are maple and oak leafs flying through the sky. It moves into a night, where floral design frames a special guest, Racoonie. He is startled to be caught playing with a little yellow duckie, a reference to the World’s largest rubber duck's appearance in Toronto, 2017. This is a little tribute to it, since it wasn’t able to return to Toronto this year."

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The front panel of the 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?' Bell Box.

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Vicky Bilbily's 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Bell Box displays the glass-covered interior of a robot's brain and forehead, presumably asleep. The robot's large eyes are open, looking to the left of the viewer, but their brain - a light blue semicircle circle - is filled with ten sheep connected to each other with a dark blue lines. The robot's brain is connected to their body with light blue lines, reminiscent of a circuit board.

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The front panel of the 'Cyclist' Bell Box..


Ghazaleh Rastgar's 'Cyclist' Bell Box depicts a painted side-view of a figure with long black hair, yellow pattern pants and a red shirt cycling on a sunny day. The sun's dotted rays shine on the cyclist, as well as two bushes that they cycle past.

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The left and front faces of the 'Chickadee' Bell Box.


Robyn Lightwalker's 'Chickadee' Bell Box displays the fun and liveliness of the chickadee, a bird local to this Bell Box's location. This Box features a chickadee sitting atop a branch, which covers a neon pink expanding flower. The Bell Box's background, dark blue with neon green dots, creates an exciting atmosphere for this hedge-backed area. 

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