Producer: Bell Box Mural Project

Sound of Water

This mural advocates for wildlife and water conservation by reintegrating the water, its inhabitants and local plant specimens back into the city allowing community members to reconnect with nature, water and the land they live on.

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Canoe Garden with Wildlife

I created this mural as a means of bringing attention to the local gardening efforts to bring green spaces into the city. This work highlights the possibility that these efforts will bring wildlife back into urban areas and for us to appreciate the space that we share with nature. This idyllic scene shows a recycled canoe transformed into a garden with plants and animals from Ontario around it.

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Domov Muj/My Home

This playful and vibrant piece celebrates the art and culture of Eastern Europeans living in Toronto and Bloorcourt Village, which I'm glad to call my home. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for my father who immigrated from Czech Republic to Canada in 1969, in order to live a better life and for which I’m eternally grateful.

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