Photo by Johanna Hill
Front of the 'Forever and Always' Bell Box.
Artist(s): Hayley Alcott / Artist on the Run

Forever and Always

Completed: July 2022

‘Forever and Always’ is located in the front boulevard before the parking lot of St. Mark’s Catholic church. It depicts two cardinals, one on either side of the Bell Box, sitting among light blue forget-me-nots that dot the entire background of the work. The Box’s lower left side bears the artist’s dedication: ‘Dedicated to my dad.’

Artist’s Statement (from Instagram): “I’m titling this piece “Forever and Always” those were the last words I heard from my dad. They hold so much meaning to the piece and I truly think a lot of people will be able to relate to what my family and I have been through and what my Father battled through.

When I chose this Bellbox specifically I looked into the neighborhood to research what I wanted to create, what I found brought a tear to my eye, this was the area my dad worked in on his last building as a forman before he fell ill, before the Pandemic 2 years ago I sadly lost my Dad to stage 4 small cell brain cancer, which is the most aggressive cancer that’s been discovered. It was a hard time not having my Dad there through the beginning of my career, as he truly helped me get motivated about starting something with my art. He was my biggest supporter. He was an inspiration to many others and especially others in the cancer ward. He always would look at the bright side of things with a mind over matter attitude. While taking treatments he would take his IV pole and dance around to brighten the room up and have people laugh and smile. He was always wanting people to be positive and look at life not so seriously. To enjoy what you have and take it day by day. He out lived the doctors expectations, he was given 6 months to live at the end of 2018, he continued to live past 2 years, battling through radiation, brain surgery, and sickening cancer treatments, all while smiling everyday through it, he never dimmed his spirit even till his last breath. He was a hero to me and really had me question my outlook on life. Why spend time being negative when you can spread positivity, this is why I create to honour his spirit and spread happiness through my creativity. He is my strength and the reason I’m so passionate for everything I do.

I dedicate this to my Dad. I will love you forever and always ❤”

For more information on this mural visit:
Alcott's artist collective.

Where to Find This Mural

Location: 241 Park Lawn Rd, Etobicoke, ON M8Y 3J7, Canada Get Directions