Photo by Johanna Hill
Front side of the Stephen Drive Bell Box.
Artist(s): Jenneen Beattie

Stephen Drive Bell Box

Completed: July 10, 2022

This Bell Box depicts a wrap-around waterside scene. The front face of the Box displays a seagull atop a wooden post, which separates a sailboat at sea during the daytime and a windsurfer catching some orange sunset currents. Round the back, the orange moves to a violet sunset, which, separated by an ornate lamppost, gives way to a scene of a lighthouse overlooking the water. Two sailboats are docked in front of the lighthouse. Returning to the front of the box, two floating sailboats are visible.

Artist’s Statement: “As an artist, living close to the lake provides me with a lot of inspiration. I often see the sun rising and setting over the lake, and on a few occasions late at night, the moon reflected on the surface of the water. I often walk or bike the trails along the waterfront and enjoy the scenic rock cutoffs, lighthouses, and playgrounds. I also like to visit the beaches to watch the windsurfers and sailboats on the lake as the sun sets.”

This Bell Box’s location is just north of the Cloverhill Rd North Side bus stop.

For more information on this mural visit:
artist's related Instagram post.

Where to Find This Mural

Location: 103 Stephen Dr, Etobicoke, ON M8Y 3N3, Canada Get Directions