Photo by Joanne Feely DeGraaf
Front-face of 'Spring Cardinals.;
Artist(s): Joanne Feely DeGraaf

Spring Cardinals

Mural Routes Member(s): Joanne Feely DeGraaf Completed: July 2022

‘Spring Cardinals’ depicts three adult northern cardinals, two sitting and one alighting on a pear branch, their bright colours contrasting against a bright blue sky. Pear tree branches span across the surfaces of the box, wrapping and visually connecting all sides. On the branch, flowers are budding while others are bursting forth. Leaves are painted in the bright green of early spring and are in various stages of unfurling in the sunny air. The pear branches and cardinals are depicted in close detail, making the viewer feel like they are at the top of the tree with the birds. Two are males, with one seated on a branch next to a female. This pair responds to each other’s presence and occupies the eastern-facing side of the Bell Box. The single cardinal male is landing on a branch, in the centre of the western, road-facing side of the Bell Box, his wings spread in a glorious display. A viewer is at eye level with the birds, sharing these beautiful spring blossoms.

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: 345 Parklawn Road, Etobicoke, ON Get Directions