Photo by Bell Box Mural Project
Artist(s): Ray Vidal

Sound of Water

Mural Routes Member(s): Ray Vidal Completed: Sep 3 2021

Etobicoke Bell Box Mural Project

This mural advocates for wildlife and water conservation by reintegrating the water, its inhabitants and local plant specimens back into the city allowing community members to reconnect with nature, water and the land they live on.

When I realized the box was in front of an elementary school I wanted to make it extra special for kids to engage with the art and get inspired. So I decided to make the backside of the box facing Second Street Junior Middle School a game of I spy. Where students can spend recess finding different inhabitants each time they look at it.

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Mural Process

Where to Find This Mural

Location: 10 Dwight Ave (Behind Second Street Junior Middle School) Get Directions