Photo by Johanna Hill
Front view of the Bayside Lane Bell Box.
Artist(s): Anastasia Eve

Bayside Lane Bell Box

Completed: July 2022

This Bell Box is located beside 2 Basking Ridge’s street parking, on the street opposite the local park and playground. A sky blue background blankets this Bell Box, while seven multicoloured kites – of various shapes including traditional diamond kites, fish and seahorses – float by, accompanied by confetti. On its rear panel, a flying fully-rigged ship takes to the skies, flying multicolour flags and adding an exciting element of whimsy to the piece.

Artist’s Statement: “Up in the bright blue sky, gliding carefree with the warm wind, there they are! Mysterious jellyfish, colourful butterflies, seahorses and stars, elegant frigates sailing the marshmallow clouds, kites shaped like diamonds and other ones arched like the birds wing… Where do they come from, and where are they going to? No one knows, but some say that if you make a wish and count to a hundred while watching one flying by, that wish may come true (…) I loved creating this vibrant and uplifting piece of outdoor art for the neighbourhood I used to live in, alongside other artists! The fact that my box was located near a playground and elementary school made it even more special. I even saw a family playing with kites one day, as I was working on my mural! This was the inspiration behind my design, too – childhood memories, spending time with my parents, happy sunny days… I hope that this box will bring a little bit of magic and wonder to everyone who comes across it, and inspires them to connect with nature, their loved ones and the beautiful world around, uniting us all under its bright blue skies”

Where to Find This Mural

Location: 2 Basking Ridge, Etobicoke, ON M8Y 1Y4, Canada Get Directions