Photo by Johanna Hill
A front-facing view of the "Chicadee" Bell Box
Artist(s): Robyn Lightwalker


Completed: July 2022

Robyn Lightwalker’s ‘Chickadee’ displays the fun and liveliness of the chickadee, a bird local to the Bell Box’s location. This Box features a chickadee sitting atop a branch, which covers a neon pink expanding flower. The Bell Box’s background, dark blue with neon green dots, creates an exciting atmosphere for this hedge-backed area.

Artist’s Statement: “Box murals episode 2: Chickadee! Located at 5 Riverdale Cres. In ETOBICOKE… NOT Markham…(I figured that out the hard way …🙃) remember to check which city your address is in kids, it might save you 6 hours on public transit while lugging 50 lbs of art supplies. Turned out great though, and locals loved it!”

Find the artist’s associated Instagram post here.

Where to Find This Mural

Location: 5 River Valley Crescent, Etobicoke, ON Get Directions