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The left and front faces of the 'Chickadee' Bell Box.

Photo by Johanna Hill


Artist(s): Robyn Lightwalker

Producer: Bell Box Mural Project

Category: ,

Completed: July 2022

Robyn Lightwalker’s ‘Chickadee’ displays the fun and liveliness of the chickadee, a bird local to the Bell Box’s location. This Box features a chickadee sitting atop a branch, which covers a neon pink expanding flower. The Bell Box’s background, dark blue with neon green dots, creates an exciting atmosphere for this hedge-backed area.

Artist’s Statement: “Box murals episode 2: Chickadee! Located at 5 Riverdale Cres. [sic] In ETOBICOKE… NOT Markham…(I figured that out the hard way …🙃) remember to check which city your address is in kids, it might save you 6 hours on public transit while lugging 50 lbs of art supplies. Turned out great though, and locals loved it!”

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: 5 River Valley Crescent, Etobicoke, ON | Get Directions

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