Photo by Johanna Hill
Front panel of the 'Mother Nature & Friends' Bell Box.
Artist(s): Natasha Kudashkina

Mother Nature & Friends

Completed: 2020

Located 40 meters in front of Queen’s Park subway (College exit) is “Mother Nature & Friends,” a charming Bell Box painted by Natasha Kudashkina.

Artist’s Statement:  “This mural is inspired by Toronto, Canada and Mother Nature. On the front there is a mountain in the shape of Mother Nature’s face, she is smiling and resting peacefully with flowers and trees all over her. Her hair wraps to the right side, transforming into a flow of lines, swirls and more flowers. Toronto’s famous white squirrel is there as well. She is munching on an acorn and being as cute as she always is. Summer scenario on the front is changing into Autumn, as the mural wraps to the left. There are maple and oak leafs flying through the sky. It moves into a night, where floral design frames a special guest, Racoonie. He is startled to be caught playing with a little yellow duckie, a reference to the World’s largest rubber duck’s appearance in Toronto, 2017. This is a little tribute to it, since it wasn’t able to return to Toronto this year.”

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: College St at Queen's Park, Toronto, ON M5G 1L6, Canada Get Directions