Producer: Bell Box Mural Project

The front panel of the 'Cyclist' Bell Box..


Ghazaleh Rastgar's 'Cyclist' Bell Box depicts a painted side-view of a figure with long black hair, yellow pattern pants and a red shirt cycling on a sunny day. The sun's dotted rays shine on the cyclist, as well as two bushes that they cycle past.

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A front-facing view of the "Chicadee" Bell Box


Robyn Lightwalker's 'Chickadee' Bell Box displays the fun and liveliness of the chickadee, a bird local to this Bell Box's location. This Box features a chickadee sitting atop a branch, which covers a neon pink expanding flower. The Bell Box's background, dark blue with neon green dots, creates an exciting atmosphere for this hedge-backed area. 

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Front and right faces of the 'Salmon Run' Bell Box.

Salmon Run

'Salmon Run' is a Bell Box located in Sunnylea Park in Etobicoke. Depicting nineteen abstractly-painted salmon that swim toward the top of the Box, the artist captures the annual 'salmon run,' where between September to November, adult salmon swim from the ocean to freshwater, against currents and 'climb' upstream to begin the salmon lifecycle again.

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Front face of the Sunnylea Park Bell Box.

Flora & Fauna

This is my most recent community/public mural. I was happy to participate in the @bellboxmurals program in Etobicoke. My theme was local flora and fauna. It was a joy to create. I finished at a tough lighting time of day with this speckled light through the trees but since I don’t know when I’ll be back in Etobicoke these are the best pics I have for now. Pastels for life.

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Front view of the Bayside Lane Bell Box.

Bayside Lane Bell Box

Up in the bright blue sky, gliding carefree with the warm wind, there they are! Mysterious jellyfish and colourful butterflies, seahorses and stars, elegant frigates sailing the marshmallow clouds, kites shaped like diamonds and other ones arched like the bird wing... Where do they come from, and where are they going to?

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Front of the 'Forever and Always' Bell Box.

Forever and Always

‘Forever and Always’ is located in the front boulevard before the parking lot of St. Mark’s Catholic church. It depicts two cardinals, one on either side of the Bell Box, sitting among light blue forget-me-nots that dot the entire background of the work. The Box’s lower left side bears the artist’s dedication: ‘Dedicated to my …

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