Producer: Bell Box Mural Project

Front face of the Sunnylea Park Bell Box.

Flora & Fauna

This is my most recent community/public mural. I was happy to participate in the @bellboxmurals program in Etobicoke. My theme was local flora and fauna. It was a joy to create. I finished at a tough lighting time of day with this speckled light through the trees but since I don’t know when I’ll be back in Etobicoke these are the best pics I have for now. Pastels for life.

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Front view of the Bayside Lane Bell Box.

Bayside Lane Bell Box

Up in the bright blue sky, gliding carefree with the warm wind, there they are! Mysterious jellyfish and colourful butterflies, seahorses and stars, elegant frigates sailing the marshmallow clouds, kites shaped like diamonds and other ones arched like the bird wing... Where do they come from, and where are they going to?

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Front of the 'Forever and Always' Bell Box.

Forever and Always

‘Forever and Always’ is located in the front boulevard before the parking lot of St. Mark’s Catholic church. It depicts two cardinals, one on either side of the Bell Box, sitting among light blue forget-me-nots that dot the entire background of the work. The Box’s lower left side bears the artist’s dedication: ‘Dedicated to my …

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The front face of the The Hills are Alive Bell Box.

The Hills are Alive

'The Hills are Alive' Bell Box mural displays five turtles lounging in the water, looking to the sky as the sunset paints it pink, orange and purple behind them. Made most clear on the Bell Box's front face, these turtles appear to be supporting forests on their backs.
From the artist: "A lot of my painting is inspired by finding parallels in nature. Themes that echo throughout my work are often camouflage, illusion, trickery and survival and finding ways of communicating the bonds that many living organisms share in our natural world."

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Grimsby Grown

This Bell Box recalls fruit crates from roadside fruit stands in Grimsby and those that travel to grocery stores throughout Ontario delivering Grimsby fresh produce. It celebrates the history and culture of fruit farming, farming technology and agricultural research that has been such a part of the region for generations and is still alive today.

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