Photo by and @kesteeze
Artist(s): Ray Vidal

Kind of Blue

Mural Routes Member(s): Ray Vidal Completed: Oct 17 2021

Huge thank you to @kj.bit for putting on an amazing Mentor and Mentee mural jam in Oct 2021.

This is the garage I got and I immediately saw a piano. I wanted to transform the windows into black keys that glow at night. It is a whimsical play on a jazz pianist.

Check out all the amazing work that went up by so many talented local artists.

Huge thank you to @kj.bit @junekima.rt and @nixostreetart for all your hard work. Also and @kesteeze for documenting everything so well.

For more information on this mural visit:
Process video for my mural for @kj.bit . The mural is inspired by my moms piano and our love for jazz.

Where to Find This Mural

Location: 87 Hounslow Heath Road, Toronto Get Directions