Kind of Blue

Artist: Ray Vidal

87 Hounslow Heath Road, Toronto

Huge thank you to @kj.bit for putting on an amazing Mentor and Mentee mural jam in Oct 2021.

This is the garage I got and I immediately saw a piano. I wanted to transform the windows into black keys that glow at night. It is a whimsical play on a jazz pianist.

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Ville de Mont-Joli, Québec

Ce circuit culturel vous fera découvrir, à la croisée des rues des harmonies de couleurs, des projets artistiques complexes et originaux, ainsi que des facettes importantes de notre histoire. Le circuit est composé de 35 stations sur une distance d’un kilomètre.
This cultural circuit will make you discover, at the crossroads of the streets, harmonies of colors, complex and original artistic projects, as well as important facets of our history. The circuit is made up of 35 stations over a distance of one kilometer.

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A figure in a business suit appears sitting inside an industrial garbage bin, surrounded by two seagulls with a garbage bag for a head.

Capitalist Daydreams

Artist: Tyler Toews

Harbour Light Alley, Gastown, Vancouver, BC

The figure in a business suit is now dealing with a hangover from a capitalist/consumer bender. The “Capitalist Daydreams” is one of seven paintings in a series titled “Waste Wear.” The series addresses issues surrounding pollution and climate change. Presented by the Vancouver Mural Festival and the Gastown BIA.

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Skinks and Skunk

Stoney Lake, Ontario

Private commission for Artscape Foundation fundraiser

trompe l’oeil mural of woodland creatures of the Kawartha’s. Several creatures are endangered, threatened or of special concern.

On painted wood shed.

Artist: Karen Roberts, July 2020

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Heart of the Community

310 Ward St, Nelson, BC V1L 5S4, Canada

Tyler Toews (also known as Canadian Murals) created this eye-catching mural on the front of city hall in 2020. This project was a collaboration between the Nelson & District Arts Council, the City of Nelson, and the Columbia Basin Trust.

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The Optical Illusion Box

Artist: Pam Lostracco

Eglinton Avenue West and Emmett Avenue

From 1 specific vantage point, this box turns into an optical illusion. Once a solid grey, 4-sided structure, it now looks like an open frame revealing the trees that used to be hidden behind. Framing a section of nature in this way, brings a heightened sense of awareness and appreciation for the natural landscape around us. Additionally, as the seasons and climate changes, summer can still be enjoyed—and nature preserved—inside this box at Eglinton Flats.

To see the illusion, stand on the red arrow (the vantage point) by the crosswalk. Aim your camera at the box and move it up and down until the edges of the actual sidewalk lines up with the edges of the painted sidewalk on the box. Voila!

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