Photo by Tylor Key-Carr
Local Mississauga Break-dancer Marcel Frost Flow from Ground Illusionz Crew doing a hand freeze
Artist(s): Ray Vidal

Ebb and Flow

Mural Routes Member(s): Ray Vidal Completed: 2021

Sculpture Court Skate Park is located in downtown Mississauga, hidden in a plaza next to Mississauga’s Civic Centre. Though initially designed as a sculpture court, the space was converted to a skate park to provide a dedicated place in the downtown for local skateboarders to practice the sport.

The park is unique because it’s largely home to local Mississauga skateboarders and has a strong community feel. Due to its location, however, the site is subject to defensive architecture practices, including increased surveillance, signage reinforcing the criminalization of graffiti, barricades to deter urination, and poor upkeep of the skate equipment. Over the years, these practices have reinforced both a lack of official site ownership and accountability by the municipality, and a strong sense of community ownership by local skateboarders who see the space as theirs in spite of this has emerged.

In 2021, a public art project on the walls of the park was conceived to promote it as a place to amplify local artists and improve the user experience. Artists were asked to propose an artwork that considered the park users and engaged viewers in a conversation exploring the relationship between urban design, architecture, and community.

The winning artist, Ray Vidal, created “Ebb and Flow”, a digitally illustrated mural series depicting local skateboarders, rollerbladers, and break-dancers and the constant flow of energy that is channeled to create something cosmic. As a skateboarder who uses the park, Ray had a strong connection with the local skateboarders and was able to create a striking mural series that contributes to the sense of belonging, connection, safety, and self-reflection in the space.

Ray Vidal created Ebb and Flow, a digital illustrated mural series located in Sculpture Court Skate park in the City of Mississauga. Depicting local Mississauga skateboarders and break-dancers that have helped shape and continue to build the Mississauga hip-hop and skateboard community over the last 15 years. The project was conceived to promote the skate park as a place to amplify local artists, uplift community voices and share stories to improve the user experience of the space. Creating a strong community feel that considers the park users and engaged viewers in a conversation exploring the relationship between urban design, architecture, public places and how shared spaces can help foster place making in the community. Showcasing local residents that have impacted the space and left their imprint on the city. Using the skatepark walls as monuments of celebrating and giving recognition to their legacies and upholding their work which continues to influence generations. Working closely with Mississauga skateboarders and break-dancers that use the space as the main inspiration for the series. Ray was able to create 14 different works of art capturing Mississauga’s diverse community and members in the form of portraits and iconography of important historical events, movements and moments captured by Mississauga photographers and videographers over the years. Honoring and celebrating local community members that have laid foundations for the Mississauga community and continue to build, putting the city on the map on an international level.

Since being installed the project has had a significant impact on the local skateboarding and breakdancing community and the park experience. Bringing people closer, connecting them to the space and commemorating community leaders for all the years of work they invested into Mississauga. Serving as a learning opportunity to share, engage, inspire and be a communal place of recognition for community members to come connect, reflect and be celebrated for all the years of work they put into the city using these spaces to build community in. Promoting and giving recognition to the following skateboarders, dancers, artists, videographers and photographers that participated in the project including: Stafhon Boca, Sebastian Lebiedzinski, Cody Beaudry, John Espiritu, Anthony Gebski, Luke Schering, Nathan Stripp, Lawrence Veloso, Alijah Racine, Dony Vo, Joshua Balancio, Stephen Gharghoury, Megas Mullings, Daniel Gallo, Marcelino DaCosta aka Frostflow, Jeff Garcia aka Mango Peeler, Ground Illusionz, TEK, Boogie Brats, Hypno Skateboarding and Neighbourhood Skate Mag.

Where to Find This Mural

Location: Sculpture Court - City Centre Skatepark, 300 Duke of York Boulevard, Mississauga, ON, Canada Get Directions

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