Various bisons run to the right, on a simple green and blue landscape background.

Buffalo nation came for quill art girl

Artist: Linus Woods

171 Henry Avenue, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

This mural was a part of Astum Api Niikinaahk, an Indigenous-led housing project at Circle of Life Thunderbird House, the goal of the project to end and bring attention to homelessness. Five Indigenous artists were invited to create public art for the new housing site.

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On a cloudy babckground, various red roadways curve to the right. A sandy landscape scene is seen in the left corner.

Taking Flight

Artist: Michel St. Hilaire

167 Sherbrook St, Winnipeg, MB R3C 2B7, Canada

The Mural named ‘Taking Flight’ is designed specifically for the Sherbrook Street community and Epic Information Solutions. This design showcases symbols of key subjects and phrases that have been brought to my attention by C.E.O., David Reid at Epic. It also depicts the vision I want to convey as an artist and a resident of the community of West Broadway, to bring empowerment and vitality to the area.

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Historic scene of China by the water, businesses working on the streets,

Along the Bow

Artist: Rawry & Pohly (Kevin Chow and Jamie Mason)

116 2 Ave SW, Calgary, Alberta, T2P 0B9

You’ll find the Chinese zodiac hidden across the mural, in traditional Chinese lettering is the mention of home of the ginger beef and the Bow River, and some fun characters are playing around the mural that weren’t depicted in the original, such as a fisherman on the boat.

The mural is 135 feet wide and 55 feet tall. We two of us painted the mural using a boomlift and paint sprayer/spray cans over the course of 40 days during the hottest August in 10 years. We had assistance with the traditional Chinese characters to ensure stylistic accuracy.

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Painted landscape with four figures to the left, smudging. Smoke fills the air above them. To the right, is an outline of a map of Winnipeg with its two rivers prominent in blue.

RaY Inc. x Art City

Artist: Jessica Canard, RaY Youth

118 Sherbrook St, Winnipeg, MB R3C 2B4, Canada

This mural was painted by participants from RaY inc. (Resource Assistance for Youth), a nonprofit organization that supports youth in Winnipeg. The project was led by Jessica Canard. It depicts four figures smudging in a field, representing the diversity of Winnipeg’s West Broadway community. To the left is a map of the city, with its two main rivers prominently visible; the Red River and the Assiniboine. This is a reminder of the importance of our rivers, and their role as the original trade routes of Turtle Island.

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Mural with a landscape scene with colourful lines and shapes emerging from the distance. To the right is a modern style multi-story building, around the corner is an aerial view of a city.

Land in Motion

Artist: Michel Saint Hilaire

70 Sherbrook St Winnipeg MB R3C 2B3

Artist’s Statement: “The Title of the Mural is “”Land in motion””, it is a look at how our landscape is for ever changed around us with the birth and migration to urban landscapes. We don’t have to go far in our province to see these effects. I also wanted to convey some unhealthy qualities that science and humanity bring when creating their world. Some of the Mural traits demonstrate somewhat of a toxicity that is present in the environment, symbolized by the interlacing of the linear patterns, odd geometric shapes and odd colours that form in the skies. This can describe many modern attributes, such as the chemicals in our environment, the noise, the lights… Yet you can also get a sense of a harmony that is unfolding within these same geometric shapes, as we move forward on the landscape. This is most evident when looking at the back of the building, where I’ve painted an aerial view of a cityscape. The wide range of coloured twinkling lights at dusk almost seem magical. This is perhaps one of the positive sides of the illustration, showing the beauty that we can accomplish we connect. It is important for me as an artist to convey a simple message within my work, of negative and positive attributes, to assure that my paintings have a discussion with my viewers and to also leave the viewer open to his or her own interpretations. I am so happy to have had this chance to contribute to the beautifying of our neighbourhood in this way. We have brought a touch of dignity to the area and have set a new path for the future which I believe coincides well with the changes that are occurring in the community.

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From right to left. Fireflies flying around, two rabbits next to big tree. Bear playing with firefiles on other side of tree.

Lorfolk Lane

Artist: Adrian Linsangan & Madison Armagost (& ACAD students)

1118 Kensington Rd NW Calgary, Alberta, T2N 3P1

This fairy forest mural was commissioned by the BIA and completed in 2019 by ACAD students in partnership with Norfolk Housing Association. Fairy doors compliment this charming mural.

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