Summer Evenings

Artist: Khaula Siddique

Conlins Road, Scarborough, ON, Canada

The designs are themed around the natural beauty of the area (Rouge National Park), the wildlife that inhabits it and childhood nostalgia; being out late into the summer evenings enjoying the weather and summer activities with friends. The tall grasses are a throwback to the meadows. The murals were painted with outdoor exterior acrylic paint for Street Art Toronto as part of their concrete barrier art program.

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Rowntree Mills Pathway mural

Artist: Khaula Siddique

Rowntree Mills Park, 155 Rowntree Mill Rd, North York, ON M9L 2K1

This mural was painted through community consultation with Arts Etobicoke and four other mural artists; Yusra Mukhtar, Kaya Joan, Moises Frank and Hemangi Shroff (Please see their profiles for their part of the mural).
The mural was painted using outdoor exterior acrylic paints. The picnic blanket, the fruit basket and the hint of the Mad Hatter’s tea party are part of the theme of inviting the community to a welcoming space, to share each other’s company, good food and a little bit of magic.

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You’re My Mountain Flame

Artist: Turbo Bambi

120 Silica St, Nelson, BC, V1L 4M1

Turbo Bambi created this mural for the 2022 Nelson International Mural Festival on the side of the Nelson Leaf’s Recycling Centre.

“Blending the lines from backcountry to canvas, Bambi’s passion for the outdoors feeds her desire to create. Immersed in the snow-surf-skate culture, her work ranges from an eccentric & humoristic take on street art to a minimalistic approach. As a thrill-seeking mixed media artist, Bambi’s process is defined by the motto “Shred & Create”.”

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Wild Geese

Artist: STYNA

3 View St, Nelson, BC V1L 2V1

STYNA created this mural for the 2022 Nelson International Mural Festival on the roof of Kootenay Lake Hospital’s emergency department. The wall is visible from view street, as well as visible to the patients in the hospital’s palliative care ward.

“Wild Geese” is inspired by Mary Oliver’s poem “Wild Geese”.

“Christina Huynh is an illustrator and muralist based in Western Sydney, Australia that paints under the name STYNA. Her art practice involves creating murals, illustrations and picture books from differing mediums of watercolour, ink and pen to acrylic and aerosol.

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Butterfly Effect

Artist: Jesse Campbell

102 Herridge Ln #2, Nelson, BC V1L 0C2

Jesse Campbell is a Métis visual artist and strength athlete. His ancestry comes from St. Boniface and Waterhen lake MB on his Moms side and from Scotland and England on his Dads. Jesse has been painting murals since 2010 and ditched a career in the sciences to work full-time in the arts in 2018.

“With the Butterfly Effect, we have these small reverberations that sort of magnify, and create a much bigger impact. And I think about that with species, and species loss. In this piece I want to sort of depict recollection, recollecting our place within the land, our past, and our tentative future. I do that by reintroducing these flowers and the native species that go with them.” – Jesse Campbell

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The focus of the 'River of Time' mural, which reads "flow gratefully through the currents of time."

River of Time

Artist: Natalie Very B., Bareket Kezwer, Julii McMillan, Julia Prajza

53 Stephen Dr, Etobicoke, ON M8Y 3M8, Canada

The ‘River of Time’ mural was undertaken by artists Natalie Very B., Bareket Kezwer, Julii McMillan and Julia Prajza, as part of the Neighbourhood Love Collective’s Gateway Mural Project. The mural depicts artistically rendered wildlife, rivers and other nature scenes flowing through the seasons, the observer’s eyes following a series of unbroken rolling hills that pass through the seasons.

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