A colourful whale, octopus and mermaid canoeing into the sunset.


Artist: Stephanie Avery

39 Rains Ave, Toronto, ON, M6G 3H4

Located on their garage, facing the bustling street of Davenport, is an artistic interpretation of the family who lives there. As lovers of animals, nature and adventure, this whimsical mural captures their spirits, recreating the three of them as a whale, octopus and mermaid having the time of their lives on a canoe trip.

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The mural is shown in two sections as it is long.  The first one has archival images mixed with creative design.

Sunset Chronicles: Collingwood’s Journey by Rail, Sea, and Ski

Artist: Rebecca Remme, Eden Watt, Sandra Remme

Huron Street in Collingwood near St Paul

This mural is about the history of Collingwood, in particular the railway which transformed us from a small fishing village called Hen and Chickens Harbour to a major port on the Great Lakes. This mural commemorates 150 years of the railway and the museum building that was built 25 years ago to look like the 1873 station.

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6 caribou swim in a river under an intense red sun

Northern River

Artist: Tara Tosh Kennedy

411 Dovercourt Ave, Ottawa, ON

Mural of caribou swimming at the entrance to the pool and changerooms at Dovercourt Recreation Centre.

Mural by Tara Tosh Kennedy
Commissioned by Dovercourt Recreation Centre

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Jumbo Beginning

Jumbo Beginning

Artist: Kayla Whitney

123 Wellington Street, St. Thomas, ON, Canada

From the artist: It is a really devastating story. I think from beginning to end the story of his life is completely tragic. That is the reason I decided to make this mural of what would have been the best moments of his life. This mural is a celebration of his time in Sudan with his mother, before she was murdered for her tusks and he was taken from his home. I think if any parts of his life should be commemorated it should be these glorious moments of peace with his mother and family before human beings intervened and caused so much suffering.

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Foundation of Town and Rail

Foundation of Town and Rail

Artist: Paul Membourquette

465 Talbot Street, St Thomas Ontario

The Canada Southern Railway was a big part of St. Thomas’ rail history from 1872 to 1881. The C.S.R.’s legacy to the community is its historic Talbot Street station, which was created in 1872 as a shortcut through Canada from Chicago to New York.

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Bright Lights by Sarah Van Pelt

Bright Lights

Artist: Sarah Van Pelt

800 Talbot Street, St. Thomas, ON, Canada

“Bright Lights” was inspired while the artist was camping in one of Ontario’s Provincial Parks. Sarah was walking back to her campsite in the dark when she saw a stranger carrying a lantern in the distance. Enchanted by flickering fireflies and the warmth of the lantern light through the trees, she stored the image in her memory for a dreary day when she would live the moment again through her art.

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