Photo by May Shi @mmayshi
Lady surrounded by leaves and plants symbolizing Mother Nature. Holding two parakeet-like birds in hand. Purple mandala patterns.
Artist(s): Elena Bushan

Mother Nature

Completed: 2020

“Living through a global pandemic, quarantine and lockdowns, businesses shut down were stressful times for many of us. The best way to relieve stress and anxiety for me was taking care of my mini indoor jungle, watching plants grow roots, new leaves unfurling, and enjoy beautiful blooms. It was healing. I’ve painted a self-portrait with wings on my back made out of my plants as almost like Mother Nature gives me wings and I can “fly and be free” doesn’t matter how stressful things get around me. I used this idea to paint my mural for the BUMP festival in August. The woman on the mural represents Mother Nature, she has
huge wings behind her back made out of plants, and she talks to the birds sitting on her hands. She is surrounded by golden sunlight and it looks like she is almost glowing. I used vibrant colors and I wanted this mural to be healing and uplifting. Only if you look down on her arms you can see she is bleeding and
melting. We all know nature has amazing healing powers but we have to stop destroying our Earth and try to keep it safe. I hope my mural would lift spirits and lighten up people’s mood.”

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Where to Find This Mural

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