Photo by J Spinney
The side of a building is painted by a landscape of white, seismic squiggles and a royal blue sky. The landscape is populated by mushrooms, blossoming flowers, and flowering trees.
Artist(s): Cameryn Mattie, Sarah Mosher, Monique Silver, Don (Byrd) Awalt & community members


Completed: 2022

Artist Statement: We are reflecting on the land Asoqmapskiajk (Kentville, Acadie) resides on. The ecology of the land continues to play an integral role in the growth of Valley communities. With this in mind, our mural highlights native plants in the area at a large scale. These medicinal, wild plants of Mi’kma’ki symbolize sustenance, prosperity and coming together as a community. Our mural depicts Malteweknejkl (Bloodroot), Wataptek lketu (yellow mushroom), Mikoqewik (Northern Pitcher Plant), and Msiku Nipik Wataptek Wasuek (Grass Leaved Goldenrod). We are so thankful for the Mi’kmaq language research of Don (Byrd) Awalt, giving the gift of language visibility and accessibility.

(quotation from Kentville Mural Map 2022,

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: 26 Aberdeen Street Kentville, NS B4N 2N1 Get Directions

Accessibility: Located behind T.A.N. Coffee, this mural can be viewed from a paved parking lot.