Wall with painted image of stylized animals and vines

Wildlife Culture Days Community Mural

Artist: Melani Pyke

25 James Street, St. Catharines, Ontario

A Culture Days Event: Community Mural Project, presented by the St. Catharines Downtown Association. Designed by the artist for the public to paint under artist’s guidance as a Culture Days activity. Facing the parking lot next to 27 James Street.

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A green circle reads "Cat Island" with many children playing on it. The water around this island ripples into the rest of the black and white mural. Various aspects of Ellice history are depicted such as Fort Ellice, a train car, a large dog, a water pump and a small town.

Memories of Ellice Avenue

Artist: Sara Wilde

555 Ellice Ave Winnipeg MB R3B 3C4

This mural project was led by Sara Wilde, who worked with 190 kids on this piece which depicts many historical elements of Ellice Avenue.

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On a beach with grass, many children are seen playing different instruments. Multicoloured lines erupt from the instruments as they play. One child stands with their hand pointed up towards the words "we are the world."

We Are The World

Artist: Rachel Schappert

640 Ellice Ave Winnipeg MB R3G 0A7

The painting depicts a whimsical landscape, that reflects the creativity and diversity of the youth of the West End.

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On a blue background, various animals and figures look towards a sun. The sun disperses thin orange lines that connect to the animals and other elements of the painting like the medicine wheel. Three humans walk towards the sun.

The Meeting of the Sun

Artist: Marla Braga, Hank (Wesley) Williams, Daniel Bunn

483 Ellice Ave Winnipeg MB R3B 2P7

This mural is painted on the John Howard Society office. It reflects the story of the meeting of the sun, which is an Indigenous story about taking initiative and changing one’s life.

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Many figures stand in the grass in front of a picnic of food, a line of houses behind them. Two figures are seated at a small white table on the right, and various figures on the left also set up their own picnics.

Earth to Table

Artist: Amanda Abrahams

529 Ellice Ave Winnipeg MB R3B 1Z1

This mural represents the diverse cultures found in the West End, and shows how food brings us all together. In this park scene, various groups of family, friends and strangers gather to share food. This project was led by UManitoba Fine Arts student Amanda Ambrahams and 95 youth from summer programs contributed

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