Photo by May Shi @mmayshi
Left to right. Wolf howling with hornet flying around, in center a gazelle with fangs and third eye, coloured pyramids in center.
Artist(s): Trash Hectic Collective (Colleen Ulliac and Deanne Lee)

The Chain

Completed: 2019

“Our inspiration for this one came from the natural initiatives happening in Edmonton, like the bee hotels seen around the city and the goats who eat noxious weeds in Rundle Park. We were interested in urban animals and our relationship to them in terms of navigating this urban space mutually. And of course, TrashCo is always interested in playing with mythology and urban legends, so we had to throw that into the design mix. With a nod to the Muttart Conservatory fans in the center.”

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Part of Nextfest Art Fest
Behind Flirt Cupcakes

Where to Find This Mural

Location: 102 ST and 82 AVE, EDMONTON, ALBERTA Get Directions