Photo by Daisy Wu
A green circle reads "Cat Island" with many children playing on it. The water around this island ripples into the rest of the black and white mural. Various aspects of Ellice history are depicted such as Fort Ellice, a train car, a large dog, a water pump and a small town.
Artist(s): Sara Wilde

Memories of Ellice Avenue

Completed: 2014

This mural project was led by Sara Wilde, who worked with 190 kids on this piece which depicts many historical elements of Ellice Avenue. Each element is inspired by a different story of the street. Cat Island in the centre represents a story from the 1880s about how the area would flood, forming an Island. Fort Ellice is also depicted, which is a Fort made by the Hudson’s Bay Company, where the street gets its name. There is also an old water-pump which used to stand in the area, St. Matthews church, and different modes of transportation that once existed in the neighbourhood.

Where to Find This Mural

Location: 555 Ellice Ave Winnipeg MB R3B 3C4 Get Directions