Photo by May Shi @mmayshi
Hand holding crafts with strawberry vine coming from right side.
Artist(s): Emily Chu (with 5 students and assisted by Branden Cha)

Craft Tats

Completed: 2023

“I’m very proud of completing this project with community ❤️ This mural was a mentorship project, working with 5 students from @macewanu : @adventureinthelittlethings @snailipus @m0larzz @elenacmercuri @ithabeya . They got to really experience painting at all stages of this mural from cleaning, scissor lift training, priming, painting, to final touches👌 It was also lovely to involve the staff at @albertacraftcouncil in this mural process (special shout-out to Tyler and Brett for filling in on some full days). And also thanks to my pal @busyrawk for lending a hand for our last 2 days.”

The concept of this mural is a narrative one. The front is inspired by talented craft artists that enrich our city – A display of vibrant art goods. The side is all about the process of making. And the back is my own interpretation of what ornamentation means to me. This mural is also my response to Loo’s essay (Ornament and Crime), and to practice the act of permanent ornamentation. I treated this mural like a tattoo – bringing bold colours and design to the skin of the building (my own tattoo also makes a vague cameo).”

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On 3 surfaces of Alberta Craft walls

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: 10186 106 St, Edmonton, Alberta, T5J 1H4 Get Directions