Artist(s): Khaula Siddique

Rowntree Mills Pathway mural

Mural Routes Member(s): Khaula Mazhar Completed: June 2022

This mural was painted through community consultation with Arts Etobicoke and four other mural artists; Yusra Mukhtar, Kaya Joan, Moises Frank and Hemangi Shroff (Please see their profiles for their part of the mural).
The mural was painted using outdoor exterior acrylic paints. The picnic blanket, the fruit basket and the hint of the Mad Hatter’s tea party are part of the theme of inviting the community to a welcoming space, to share each other’s company, good food and a little bit of magic.
The community (and myself) came to this design after going through many different paths, we did not know this is where we would end up, but found that we all ended up in the same spot! We talked about what we enjoyed about being outdoors and how it benefitted us in mind, body and soul. We shared stories of places we had visited, called home, left behind and where we started new chapters of our lives. One aspect that kept recurring was the food we shared with people who welcomed us or we had welcomed, food brings people together. Another aspect was patterns, which turned into traditional “rillies”; traditional South Asian throws, hand-stitched out of squares, triangles and even more intricate shapes. They are used as mats, bedcovers and as a spread to share food on. Once we had our picnic blanket we simply added our favourite fruits, some chai and an invitation to the community to join us!

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A video of the whole mural.

Where to Find This Mural

Location: Rowntree Mills Park, 155 Rowntree Mill Rd, North York, ON M9L 2K1 Get Directions