Producer: StreetARToronto

Front face of the Collinsgrove and Lawrence signal box.

Collinsgrove and Lawrence Signal Box

This signal box, painted with a vibrant yellow background, displays a number of creative and unique faces appearing in different and odd angles, painted in a dark blue. Between the faces, hearts, eyes and bubbles decorate the box, giving one much to look at as they wait for the bus. 

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The artist standing to the side of his mural


Part of a StART initiative, this mural is one of many in the laneway that brighten up garage doors. Given that garages are a place to park, I gave it a fun reference to our city's Green P.

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Combined images of the front face and back faces of the signal box, with the artist leaning against the signal box in the rear-face photo. The Spadina Ave. and King St. West street signs are shown beside the images of the signal box. Bottom text reads: "Location: Spadina Ave and King St. W. Date: July 12, 2018 Client: City of Toronto"

Lively City Part 2

Toronto is a busy city. Most of us are buzzing from place to place with a purpose. I get inspiration from long wanders along our streets, appreciating the little things and imagining the lives quintessential parts our city could be living; like pigeons, what do they do when we're not looking? Could be anything, even riding a unicycle for all we know. This artwork encourages us to stop a moment and let our imaginations run wild, rather than running wildly ourselves from A to B. This is part of a series.

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The rear face of the Huron St & Harbord St signal box, featuing a cartoonishly painted raccoon holding a hot dog.

Lively City Part 1

At the corner of Huron and Harbord street, sits a cheerful signal box. The front of the signal box displays a hot dog vendor selling hot dogs for two dollars, while the rear face of the signal box hosts a raccoon, swinging from a tree, holding a hot dog.

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