Producer: StreetARToronto


Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) “3rd Annual Festival Street” Live Mural Painting “Starlight” in response to the theme “Toronto is the Star”, as part of #StARTatTIFF “Art Walk” Activation, commissioned by Surface Art, StreetARToronto, TIFF, Toronto

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Perpetual Freedom II

Mural Facilitator and Muralist for the 3rd Annual Mural on Baldwin Street, in response to the theme “The Future without Oppression”, Kensington Market, Facilitated by StreetARToronto, Friends of Kensington Market [Facilitators: Serena Purdy, Curtia Wright & Jai Smith], Toronto.

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Ego vs. Spirit & Spiritual Manifestation

This section of the cycle track stretches North from the bridge over the 401 on both the East and West side to just south of Auto Mall Drive on Conlins Road.
This cycle track project was organized by StreetARToronto. The theme was dissolved from community engagement and feedback surveys conducted by StreetARToronto within the Meadoway and Conlins Road communities.

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Summer Evenings

The designs are themed around the natural beauty of the area (Rouge National Park), the wildlife that inhabits it and childhood nostalgia; being out late into the summer evenings enjoying the weather and summer activities with friends. The tall grasses are a throwback to the meadows. The murals were painted with outdoor exterior acrylic paint for Street Art Toronto as part of their concrete barrier art program.

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Front panel of 'March of the Suffragettes.'

March of the Suffragettes

Located on the northeast corner of College and Elizabeth Streets, 'March of the Suffragettes' displays five figures in Victorian-era dresses and hats with sashes across their outfits. On the approach to Women's College Hospital, on a street also called Dr. Emily Stowe Way, this Signal Box reminds passers-by of the events related to the writing and enacting of bills, acts and other legal pathways in the ongoing fight for gender equality in this country, fought by many, notably the aforementioned Dr. Stowe, an icon in Canada's suffrage movement. This signal box reminds us, that by not being dedicated just to Dr. Stowe but to the actions of the many, that history making events occur through the actions of the many, not the one.

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Back face of the 'Peace in Ukraine' signal box.

Peace for Ukraine

Featuring a dark blue background that wraps around the signal box, its front face displays two sunflowers, painted in miraculous yellow with strong black stems and leaves, surrounded by smaller white petaled flowers. Its back face shows one large sunflower, while its sides show three white doves on each side, separated by black hearts.

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