Photo by Steven Twigg
The artist standing to the side of his mural
Artist(s): Steven Twigg


Completed: 2019

A green P on a sign, styled to look like the goofy tongue-sticking-out emoji, sits in the centre of this colourful garage door design. To the left of the sign, an X and O, styled like the yellow ‘X’ crossing that one can see throughout the city. The background of all of these reminders of different, mundane joys throughout the city is a dark blue background with lighter-blue buildings, clouds and electric lines. Geometric red, yellow, light green and light blue geometric shapes create a border of sorts on this garage door.

Artist’s Statement: Part of a StART initiative, this mural is one of many in the laneway that brighten up garage doors. Given that garages are a place to park, I gave it a fun reference to our city’s Green P.

Part of a Euclid Avenue community laneway street art initiative with StreetARToronto.

Where to Find This Mural

Location: Lane 1 South College E Euclid Get Directions

Accessibility: On the Lane 1 South College E Euclid that cooresponds with 315 Euclid Avenue, Toronto, ON, Canada