Photo by Johanna Hill
Artist(s): Kyla Ross

No Vacancy

Completed: September 2018

Located on the south-western corner of the Kingston and Brimley road intersection, Kyla Ross’ painted signal box shows a notable feature of this section of Kingston Road: its motels. The signs of six motels which do (or did) exist within three kilometres of this signal box are featured here, appearing yellow or white on a black background. Its styling is reminiscent of driving scenes from films where logos and signs would appear and fade away, as though the viewer of this signal box was travelling down Kingston Road in years past.

Adapted from the mural entry: 

The design features a collage of the various Motel signs that are iconic to the Kingston Road strip that runs through Scarborough between Brimley Road and Bellamy Road. In the past few decades, these once resort-like establishments have now become the primary residence for newly landed immigrants and refugees, completely redefining their purpose.

Created for Outside the Box by StreetARToronto.

Where to Find This Mural

Location: Brimley and Kingston Road, Scarborough, ON Get Directions