Producer: StreetARToronto

The entirety of the 'Craven and Gerrard' mural, on the building it is painted on.

Craven and Gerrard Mural

 "Corner of Craven and Gerrard in Little India. (...) Huge thanks to the @leslievilledanceandmusic for having me adorn the side of your building with my flowers. Thanks to my dad for helping me do the hard labour of getting two coats of primer on this wall and multiple coats of all these blocks of colour. A dream project indeed."

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The front of the 'Faces' signal box.


"I finished painting the traffic box outside of @oldscoolgeneralstore at Lumsden and westlake ave in my own hood. Grateful to have been assigned this particular box outside of this amazing Community hub. Representation matters and I’m honoured to contribute to this corner in a colourful and uplifting (hopefully) way."

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A total view of 'The Jazz Band' mural.

The Jazz Band

'The Jazz Band' mural is located on the north-facing side of Grossman's Tavern in Downtown Toronto, seen best from Cecil Street. Created in partnership with what is now the Cecil Community Centre and StreetARToronto, the mural reflects that Grossman's is a Jazz hotspot in Toronto. Completed in 1999 and restored in 2010, this mural depicts the outline of four figures on a dark blue background, painted as though they are neon pink and green signs. This band comprises a harmonica player, a double bassist, a vocalist and an acoustic guitarist. 

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No Vacancy

The design features a collage of the various Motel signs that are iconic to the Kingston Road strip that runs through Scarborough between Brimley Road and Bellamy Road. In the past few decades, these once resort-like establishments have now become the primary residence for newly landed immigrants and refugees, completely redefining their purpose.

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Taken from the ground, the 335 College St. Mural.

335 College St. Mural

335 College St.'s western-facing wall displays a portrait mural of Jonah Yano, a singer-songwriter from Toronto. Capturing Yano's likeness excellently, mural artist Emmanuel Jarus painted Yano looking to the sky, sitting on a rooftop that overlooks an urban area, filled with trees.

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The focus of the 'River of Time' mural, which reads "flow gratefully through the currents of time."

River of Time

The 'River of Time' mural was undertaken by artists Natalie Very B., Bareket Kezwer, Julii McMillan and Julia Prajza, as part of the Neighbourhood Love Collective's Gateway Mural Project. The mural depicts artistically rendered wildlife, rivers and other nature scenes flowing through the seasons, the observer's eyes following a series of unbroken rolling hills that pass through the seasons.

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